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World Junior Team Update: East or West

- By: David Nighbor

Am I a man of faith? If I were to define it, I were to say, "To believe in something you can't see." What I can't see is the future, what/who I believe in is myself. Therefore, by personal definition, I have faith.

I'm on the road now, its early morning and I have one thing on my mind... Not, girls, that normally sinks in by about mid day. It's World Junior Trails and the road I'm on will lead me to a fork. Where I will turn, I will soon race to find out. But I have a dream! Not of equality (though I will be nice) but of World Junior Championship. I can't explain it, cause it's different this time. It relates to a line I heard in the movie "Matrix." When one man says to another "Don't think you can, know you can." In my case, it's my dream telling my reality. I have faith.

A few mornings ago, I awakened from a dream just to return to reality. At that moment, I started believing for the first time. I found my flaw, I have been separating my dream from my reality when in fact they can be the same, just active at separate times. I then got back on the road, stood tall, and believed. I have faith.

At quiet time I spoke little and counted myself out. Also, at these times, people without doubt counted me in. I was blind at the time not to realize and take it in to my hands. After allowing myself to believe I realize that I was not blind, I only had my eyes closed and I assure you my eyes are now open. I don't think I can, I know I can and if I thought I will not because I need more than that this time. I need faith and I have faith.

I have a friend that told me to expect how I feel now. I said, "I know." Looking back, I thought I did, but I could not understand how overwhelming it was. What he told me and what I am telling you is not something you can learn, only you can relate to. It's a feeling that is so overwhelming that it will either make or break me. Whether or not I will make it is not the question because I have faith.

By the time this is posted trials are over and I have either turned west or east. That was my intentions, to show you the attitude of the underdog that wants it as much, or more than the top dog. We all know where we end up if we shoot for the moon. The quote I will finish with was written by me, in response to Simon Whitfield's 2000 Olympic gold medal, "Your limits are only what you allowed your mind to set."

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