Thursday, January 17, 2002 - Perspective
Moving On

- By: Robin McKeever

My largest goal of the past four years, qualifying for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, came to an abrupt halt after only the third race of the season. Only two days later I was proposed the opportunity to go over to Europe with the possible chance of racing a World Cup relay giving me one last glimmer of hope at attaining my goal. With only two and a half weeks until the relay in Davos, time to prepare and get over jetlag was tight to say the least. There was not enough time to wait for CCC (Cross Country Canada) to make a decision whether to sanction the relay team or not. With that in mind I packed my bags and got over to Europe to prepare.

An arbitration hearing became the only fair and just way to decide the fate of the relay team since the relay team and CCC could not come to terms in such little time. I signed my name to agree to whatever the outcome the hearing granted and will keep my word. I knew then that there were no more chances and enough of my energy had been spent on this goal. I am tired of hearing about what could have been and it is time for everyone to move on to new goals for the rest of the winter.

The best of luck to the Olympic Team. I know you will all do us proud! Thanks to all the skiers and teammates for the past twelve years. See you on the trails.

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