Thursday, January 17, 2002 - Perspective
Junior B Tour Update

- By: G. Nishikawa and J. Jaques

What do you call an empty jar of Cheese Wiz? Cheese Waz! West JetŐs jokes are as good as their cookies and pretzels. Our trip started with a long cross country West Jet flight into Calgary, Alberta. There, coach Don was waiting with our team van. We drove to Canmore and stayed at the Rocky Mountain Ski Lodge. It had rained in Canmore the week before and froze, making the roads very slippery to drive on. Don discovered this quickly, when the van spun 360 degrees in the middle of the street!

On Saturday, the first Canada Cup race was held at the Canmore nordic center. The race was a one day pursuit, starting with classic in the morning followed by skate in the afternoon. This was a very challenging race because we had approximately 1.5 hours in between the races. The men had to do two 10km races and the Women did two 5 km races. The warm temperature caused the track to become soft, making waxing difficult. Everyone was still tired from the hard racing in New Brunswick the week before and it made for a very tough day. The team performed very well considering the fatigue. After the long day of racing everyone slept very well that night.

On Sunday, the women raced a 10km classic and the men raced a 15km classic. Our results inproved from SaturdayŐs race. Following the race, we were treated to a night on the town, which included the hot springs, dinner and a movie. We quickly found out that the hot springs were not hot enough to our liking, but warm. The team will continue to train in Canmore until Thursday (Jan.17,2002), when we will travel to Silver Star to compete in the final Continental Cup races.

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