Sunday, May 5, 2002 - Latest News
NTDC Spring Tour: Captain's Log Day 34

By: Jonne Kahkonen

It's been a long season, but it sure looks like the Stallion (Will Fitzgerald) just doesn't give fact, our spicy little Stallion pulled out some nice season ending form at the races in Lapland. The last race was another skate race, 8k on a 1k loop. I need to tell you about this? Yep. Wet, granular and dirty snow, excellent for another wax job finished with Vauhti Gel.

In the race Timo placed 16th out of 20 competitors, getting a nice toaster as a prize. Now, what does a man do with a European toaster, that has no plug for the North American power system? Good thing Timo has some relatives in Finland...

Will raced another good skate race, finishing 10th. And the prize...two nights accommodation for two people in one of the finest hotels in Saariselka, Lapland, where all the Finnish National Teams have their camps. So, the travelling plan for the boys changed a bit, but in a very nice way.

Now it's time to get a little breather and visit some of our Finnish sponsors. There are too many great supporters to name them all here, but at this point I would like to give a big thank you for one of the biggest,Seppo and Raili from Canadian Wintersports (Vauhti), who helped us get the waxing support in Finland and Chris Fleming from Extran sports for supplements.

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