Friday, August 10, 2001 - Perspective
NSDT Update - Jasper Camp

- By: Tasha Betcherman

Upon our departure from Jasper early this morning, we completed our final workout and made the scenic drive back to Canmore. I had a few hours to reflect on my experiences and the experiences of others during this training camp in one of the most scenic and breathtaking settings I've ever had the opportunity to train in. As you may already know Tara Whitten and I have been training with the Women's National Team. This has been an amazing opportunity for us; we are very thankful and honored to be able to train with them as they are among the top in the world.

The scene was set at the Jasper House Bungalows off the Icefield Parkway approximately three hours from Canmore. It was ideal in that it was a small, quaint, family owned operation that was more than happy to accommodate the needs of a cross country ski team, even in the height and bustle of tourist season. They went beyond what was expected, even making a small infomercial asking the other guests to "give them a cheer" as we ran or roller skied by. They were very hospitable, every thing from our special crock-pot of porridge every morning at 7 a.m. sharp to the wooden rack they fashioned for the Russian Pullies, under shaded trees beside the gazebo.

As expected the training was very physically demanding. Somehow we escaped the heat waves in other parts of the country and enjoyed training in the cool mountain air so close to the Colombia Ice Fields. Scenic mountain runs, hikes and plenty of roller skiing at various intensities and terrain was the order of the day. We had excellent support, which allowed us to recover well and continue to train at a high level day after day. Our evening activities consisted of watching the World Championships in track and field and elusive games of Trivial Pursuit.

Now that I'm back in Canmore I'm looking forward to doing some laundry and being back at home base. It was an excellent training camp providing a solid experience that I will be able to draw on going in to our next training camp.

(Tasha Betcherman is a new member of the National Development Team. She recently made the move to Canmore from Thunder Bay, where she was a member of the National Team Development Centre.)

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