Monday, April 29, 2002 - Latest News
Spring Thaw Raises Cash for Canadian Team

A special Thank you to Bev and Rob MacKenzie and their sponsors who have made the Spring Thaw run a successful fundraising event for the National Ski Team!

Thank you for coming to Canmore to enjoy the best of what Spring has to offer! The Canmore area receives many beautiful days throughout the year but few days can compare to APRIL 27, 2002. Two hundred and ninety four people entered this year and with the optimism of active people - you just knew it would turn out to be a very good day!

Olympian and World Championship cross country skiers, past and present, were in attendance. The team was lead by an '88 Olympian Lorna Daudrich. Rhonda Delong, past National Team Skier, participated in the event after being on the timing team for Spring Thaw 1 & 2. Monique Chamford, past National Team member worked as the finish line judge. Sara Renner, who was top ten at the 2002 Olympics collected bib numbers at the finish with Chris Jefferies and Drew Goldsack who are current National Team skiers (they also presented the awards). Becky Scott, North America's first Olympic Bronze Medalist (it deserves to be gold) wished us all the best on Thursday just as she left for home and a well deserved rest period. She thought the mugs were great!

The Canmore Bow Valley Bed and Breakfast Association enjoyed their hosting role in the event. However, I worry that many members are starting to think that they should run/walk the course and be served muffins, cookies and fruit after they finish. Activity and active people are infectious. Once again James Richards from The Running Room was in attendance and his behind the scenes work helped to make the event a success. Great personality - great guy!

We were surrounded by awesome weather and wonderful people. Thank you for making Spring Thaw 2002 a success - please consider joining us again in 2003.

The results and some excellent pictures are up on our web site thanks to Bev MacKenzie. Hisashi Okomoto took the pictures.

Happy Spring,
Robin MacKenzie

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