Tuesday, April 9, 2002 - Latest News
XCZone Films Wants Your Feedback

"High Velocity", "On Snow", "Tao of Skiing" and "The Fundamentals of XC Skiing Technique" did quite well this season, out performing most of the Alpine Ski Films/Videos in sales. High Velocity was a finalist at the Banff Mountain Adventure Festival and went on tour with the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival. Several TV stations and sports networks/shows picked it up for broadcast. This, we hope, will raise the awareness for cross-country skiing. Making a xc ski film that will compete with million dollar downhill extreme projects is a lot of work, and your kind word of encouragement over the last few years have been appreciated.

We have started production on our most ambitious project yet, and will be travelling across North America shooting throughout the summer and next winter. The double DVD set is scheduled for released Xmas 2003 (a year and a half from now) and will have strong motivational and technique/training content featuring top skiers and the enthusiast.

We are open to suggestions from you! What should we include in this one?

Send your feedback to David McMahon and Lise Meloche at

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