Tuesday, April 16, 2002 - Latest News
Madshus Presents Poster to Beckie Scott and Vermilion

Vermilion residents were out in huge numbers on Saturday to show their support for their homegrown Olympic (Gold) medallist. It is estimated that in total 2500 people attended Beckie Scott Day, far exceeding the hopes of Mayor Judy Woyewitka.

Reece Rendall of Madshus Canada presented Beckie Scott and the Town of Vermilion, with a 7' x 7' mural/poster of the Madshus Role Model Ad featured in SkiTrax magazine in 2001/02.

The mural/poster will be placed on permanent display in an appropriate facility in Vermilion. It will most likley make it's home in the CN Station, at the trailhead where Beckie started her cross country skiing. The CN Station is also home to the Vermilion Jackrabbit ski club.

Madshus is Beckie Scott's Cross Country Ski sponsor.

The role model poster is depicted below

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