Wednesday, July 25, 2001 - Athlete Perspective
High Altitude at the Haig

By: Sara Renner

Our second camp of the year brought our team to the Haig glacier in Kananaskis country. It was the first time that the entire training squad was comprised solely of women. We took advantage of this historic moment and migrated to the big side of the sleeping hut, which was usually reserved for the boys.

Unfortunately our team was one member short, as Jaime Fortier had to remain in Canmore to nurse a sore back. We were joined by Tasha Betcherman and Tara Whitten from the Canmore Training Center and Barb Jones and Tessa Benoit from the American team. Of course, the two resident marmots, Harry and Sally joined our entourage and made themselves comfortable living under the huts and eating our socks and hiking boots. We weren't sure how our coach, Dave Wood, would handle the full dose of estrogen power but we knew we would survive in style as Dave's nephew was baking us chocolate cake every night and making us all feel like Cleopatras.

This camp is probably the toughest of the year. It's a twenty-kilometer run up to our environmentally friendly camp and another hour hike straight up to the glacier every morning. Our huts are perched and secured with metal bolts to the surrounding rock to prevent a large wind gust from taking us to the Land of Oz. As you can imagine, when the weather is nasty this camp can be trying but we lucked out and had brilliant sunshine and excellent conditions for skiing. With the Olympics just around the corner our team focuses on having quality training sessions every workout, good recovery and we pay attention to the small details. As I have said before, training for ski racing is like baking. If you don't do everything perfectly the result could be a flop.

(Sara Renner has been a member of the Canadian National Ski Team for as long as anyone can remember. She was a 1998 Nagano Olympian and a member for the women's relay team that was second in the Soldier Hollow world cup and 6th at the World Championships last winter. We will all be watching Sara at the upcoming Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, Utah!)

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