Tuesday, April 23, 2002 - Latest News
NTDC Spring Tour: Captain's Log Day 23

By: Jonne Kahkonen

On Saturday the 20th Timo (Puiras) and Will (Fitzgerald) continued their spring tour racing in Finland, taking part in a national race in Posio. It was a 10k skate event, individual start and conditions once again very spring-like: +9 and slushy, dirty snow. Yep...I used powders. Again. Seems like I use nothing else than Vauhti Silver Fox every single time...a succesful experiment I did was to cover the powder with Vauhti Gel Wet, which was rotocorked on the top of everything else; this repelled the base from dirt a lot better and the glide was good even after 10k of racing on that dirty course. In the race Will placed 11th out of 16 racers, 2.52 behind the winner Keijo Kurttila of the Finnish National Sprint Team. Kurttila also won the sprints the weekend before in Rovaniemi. Timo was still recovering from the sickness and had to satisfy with a 16th place finish.

On Sunday 21st we raced the Finnish Nationals, 30k skate individual start. Nothing had changed in terms of the weather; it looked promising in the morning and it did stay pretty nice for the girls, but when the guys were racing it was again +7 and slush. In the race Will placed 80th out of 89 who finished and Timo had to admit after 15k of racing that it was too much; still not back from the sickness. The time gaps were pretty big; Will was 17 minutes behind the winner Paavo Puurunen of the Finnish National Biathlon Team - another Ole Einar Bjorndalen?

Now Timo and Will are heading towards the top of the world: Nordkapp, the most northern place in the world where you can drive. It should be interesting; there's going to be a convoy in the last 30-40km...stay tuned for the comments from the boys. You can also check the NTDC - Thunder Bay website for more comments: www.ntdc-tbay.on.ca

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