Saturday, July 21, 2001 - Athlete Perspective
NSDT Athlete Update

By: Mike Argue

Hi all, I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and not missing the snow too much. As it is nearing the end of July, the athletes here at the training centre are starting to take on some rather big hours and incorporating some intensity into the plan. This said, I am excited to be returning to Canmore from my home in Yellowknife to have other athletes to share these sessions with, along with the fact that it's a fantastic place to spend the summer months. However, my time here at home has been very enjoyable, a great opportunity to spend time with my buddies, along with some quality family time. A little bit of work at the local sports shop and some fun spent playing beach volleyball, tennis, and mountain biking is how most of my time was spent (at least while taking a break from training). I also discovered that squash is a very enjoyable and challenging game and a number of early mornings were spent playing with friends before they would go off to their real jobs and I would attend to the enjoyable task of training. For those of you who have not spent any time in northern Canada I strongly urge you to make the trip. The summers are truly amazing with nearly 24 hours of daylight, unique scenery (Yellowknife is located on the 9th largest lake in the world) and just an all around great place (The Western Canadian Champs will also be here in 2003, so mark it on your calendar!). Sorry for my spiel, but I'm a little biased as I always enjoy my time at home. Canmore is fantastic, but Yellowknife is still home.

I have not spoken to any of the other training center members recently, but I imagine most are looking forward to our first big camp, which is fast approaching. This camp will be in Rossland, BC. This is the second year of the Rossland camp and although I missed the camp there last year, it did receive rave reviews from other team members and all were very impressed with the roller skiing. On our agenda we also have some exciting activities such as a golf tournament, mountain biking, and road hockey. I'm looking forward to putting training center coach Mike Cavaliere through the boards, as I am still trying to recover from my first hockey experience with him and the introduction of his patented "leg sweep." It is to be expected that most of these activities will not be too strenuous, as everyone will be doing monster hours throughout our time there. Well I must bring this installment to a close. Beginning tomorrow morning I have 17+ hours of driving to complete, I should get to bed.

Happy Trails
Mike Argue

(Mike Argue is a loyal NWT athlete who committed to skiing as a Junior Man and has quickly made a name for himself in the Canadian ski world. Mike now lives in Canmore for most of the year where he pursues his Olympic dreams.)

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