Thursday, January 3, 2002 - Results
Lappe Distance Challenge

Lappe Nordic Ski Centre hosted the "distance challenge" on Sunday December 30. Skiers took the opportunity to ski as many kilometres as possible over a 8 hour period. Many switched between classic and skate to relieve tired muscles.

Lappe Distance Challenge
Sunday, December 30, 2001
Temperature: -18 degrees C and Windy

100 Km Completed:
Ron Mahler
Juha Metsaranta
Paul Inkila

75 Km Completed:
Timo Tikka

50 Km Completed:
Jamie Kallio
Hilary Petrus
Leila Metsaranta
Bernie Lacourciere
Luke Viljakainen
Bob Law
Henry Panizza
Jim Cameron
Bryon North
Liz Inkila
Neety Panu
Grant Lindsey
Rianne Ranta
Werner Schwar
Eraldo Panizza

25Km Completed:
Bill Day
Darrell Hay
Sean Randall
Tuija Puiras
Todd Inkila
Lindsay Inkila
Doug Pantry
Bruce Halvorson

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