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INDi2010 Update: What I've been up too

- By: Skeets Morel

A lot has changed since my last update a couple of months ago. I guess the biggest change is that I up and left Thunder Bay in early November and moved to a top of a mountain out here in Silver Star, BC. This is where my girlfriend and I have decided to set-up camp for the winter and we are loving everyday. You're probably wondering how I managed to move out here and still go to school at Lakehead. Well I'm pleased to say that as far as I know I have completed all that's needed to earn an honors degree in mathematics with a minor in economics. I finished the last three weeks of course work out here in Silver Star, and then wrote my exams all over the country. It actually worked out that I wrote an exam at each race site in December. First in Silver Star, then one in Canmore and lastly one in a hotel lobby in Quebec City. Surprisingly, I passed them all and haven't looked back.

As it is mid January now I've been racing for a solid month and a half. I've had some good ones and some so-so ones, but all in all not that bad of a start to the season. Since I've decided to concentrate on sprinting my distance has taken a bit of a back seat but no complaints here. I'm happy to say that my sprinting focus has paid off as I was able to grab my first ever NorAm podium in Duntroon with a 3rd in the freestyle sprint. In doing so, this solidified my name on the start lists for the up coming sprint World Cups in Canmore. This will be my first sprint World Cup start and also more than likely my first finish in a World Cup. My first and only other World Cup experience came last time the World Cups were in Canmore, when I was fortunate enough to get the call to start of the 30km mass-start classic race. I wasn't told I was racing until the evening before, as I was the 5th or 6th alternate. I definitely wasn't prepared for what I was doing but I loved every minute of it. As Zuggy called it, I had an epic battle with Karl Saidla until it was rudely interrupted by the actual race. It turned out that the leaders had decided to ski much faster and in doing so lapped us, thus putting a premature ending to the battle. As I recall though, Karl had me by a fair margin by that point.

This time I am much more prepared and extremely excited to have the opportunity to race some of the world's best. This is definitely a dream come true, but at the same time all part of my plan as to how I will get on the start list for the 2010 Olympic Games.

As for my arms, they are doing quite well and I have had relatively no pain since the season started. To be honest I've barely thought about them at all. I usually only remember them when someone asks me about them; I guess I'm trying to block those memories out. I think the only side effect from my stupid accident is that my upper body endurance isn't quite what it once was but it is improving.

Well, its time for me to start getting my game face on, as the competition has started to arrive. I think the Norwegians have heard about the INDi2010 team and have felt the need to do a little spying before the World Cups, as I have spotted quite a few during the last couple of days. I'll leave you with some photos of this supposed wonderland up here. I don't see what all the big fuss is about though.

Sovereign Lakes Nordic on a picture perfect day

Sovereign Lakes Nordic looking from the sprint loop toward the stadium

Me sporting my Camo SOS toque at Sovereign Lakes on White Elephant

Team Supporters

Angus Doughty & Sian Leyshon-Doughty

Angus Doughty and Sian Leyshon-Doughty, High School Physical Education teachers based out of Caledon, Ontario, have brought their passion for the sport of skiing to high school skiers for many years. They have helped encourage and teach a sport that is not easily accessible or popular in southern Ontario schools, and despite these challenges have fostered and encouraged successful programs at Mayfield and Humberview Secondary Schools that have won numerous OFSSA ski championships. Not only have they created a program that has won medals, they have also spread their enthusiasm and helped many athletes graduate to the next level of skiing. INDi2010 is excited to have Angus and Sian supporting our program.

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