Saturday, November 10, 2007 - NTDC Thunder Bay
NTDC Thunder Bay: Mawn Lake Road Time Trial

- By: Chris Butler

A couple of days ago Thunder Bay got their first taste of winter with a light dusting of snow in town. It was barely enough to call sliding around the trails at Lappe skiing. But a few die hards, myslef included, trundled around the trails pretending to ski. The next day there were reports of a foot of powder somewhere up north. So we loaded up the meat wagon and headed north. About 100km out of Thunder Bay we found some decent snow and headed out on an old logging road. It was almost perfect conditons (despite the lack of track), and made for a delightful three hour ski. Deciding that is was race worthy we changed our roller ski time trial to on snow. And other than a truck trying to run us down during the race things went very smoothly.


Chris Butler  26:01
Phil Wood  26:39 
Michael Sommpi  27:28
Pate Neuman  28:07 
Len Valijais  28:17
Thomsen D'hont  29:42 

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