Monday, November 5, 2007 - Summer Races
Foothills Pursuit Roller Ski Time Trial Results

The Foothills Nordic Ski Club was joined by the Canmore Nordic Ski Club and a surprisingly large contingent of high level skiers for a pursuit roller ski time trial at the Bow Valley Campground on Saturday. The race was held on what turned out to be one of the last fall days of the season, as snow hit the area the following day and buried much of the course.

A strong westerly wind greeted racers and made for a fast wind assisted start. Things got tougher at the halfway point of each leg of the pursuit as racers had to battle their way back into the strong wind. Chris Jeffries and Rhonda Jewett both dominated their respective distances, making the pace hard right from the start and not letting up until they cruised across their finish lines for the win.

15km Pursuit
Chris Jeffries 32:42
Dan Roycroft 33:42
Gord Jewett 33:43
Kazama 33:45
Mike Argue 34:15
Fraser Mills-Connery 34:45
Terrell Stephen 35:05
Erik Carleton 35:10
Will Urton 35:13
Kevin Sandau 35:23
Gavin Hamilton 36:10
Carl Steduler 37:10
Anthony Killick 37:28
Dougal Owen 37:44
PJ Baron 37:55
Gabe Altenbaumer 39:30
Eva Sabo 42:36

10km Pursuit
Rhonda Jewett 26:59
Martin Schrama 27:08
Marlis Kromm 29:32
Kai Lukowiak 29:38
Annika Hicks 30:31
Vincent Prenioslo 31:03
Marika Cockney 31:16
Stephanie Vetsch 34:26
Tori Owen 36:03

Short Course
Kendra Hicks 17:20
Colin 22:00

The field relaxes before the start.

The final tense seconds before the start. Time trials get more and more serious as the season gets closer.

The chase group in the 15km event battles into the strong headwind.

Vince Prenioslo of Foothills Nordic Ski Club on his way to 6th in the 10km.

One day later and this is what the course would have looked like.

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