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Foothills Announces Mike Cavaliere and Chris Jeffries as Coaches

- By: FNSC

Foothills Nordic Ski Club, in conjunction with the XC World Cup Society, is pleased to announce two new coaching appointments, as the first step in a major re-structuring of its core cross country ski programs. Effective June 15 2007, Mike Cavaliere will join the FNSC team as Racing Director, and at the same time, Chris Jeffries will join Mike as full-time High Performance Coach for Foothills.

The hiring of these two individuals brings to Foothills Nordic an unprecedented level of national and international experience, and is the first step in a major re-vitalization of the club's cross country programs.

Mike Cavaliere is returning to Foothills Nordic after 10 years as a National Team coach and regional coordinator for Cross Country Canada. Chris Jeffries is an 10-year veteran of the Senior National Team and brings to the club a high level of technical proficiency as well as a wealth of national and international experience as one of the best racers in the country. The re-structuring of Foothill's core racing program is necessitated by the demands generated by four years of outstanding national performance under former head coach, Robin McKeever, and Robin's move to the National ParaNordic team in late April.

Roy Strum, President of Foothills, says "Our success as six-time national cross country champions has in fact created stresses within our traditional program structure, and it was important that we deal proactively with these pressures. We are extremely fortunate to be able to recruit not one, but two people of the international caliber of Mike and Chris. This will enable Foothills to take 'the next step' in our club's evolution and to thereby continue to grow and to respond to the demands on our programs - especially at the younger age levels'.

This increased investment in coaching resources was made possible through partnership with the XC World Cup Society and Cross Country Alberta, drawing partly on the legacy of the 2005 World Cup events in Canmore. As Racing Director, Mike Cavaliere will have a primary responsibility to complete the redesign of the club's programs, and, working with Chris Jeffries, to implement the appropriate changes and new programs necessary to ensure the highest quality ski training and athlete development.

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