Tuesday, December 18, 2001 - Waxing
Vauhti Fox Gel Application

FoxGel is a liquid fluor "glide wax" that is used as a final layer. It works exceptionally well in all snow conditions. Package net weight is approx. 50g. The contents covers 15 - 40 pairs of skis.


Glide waxing:
1. Shake well before use.
2. Drip some FoxGel onto the base and spread it immediately using the pad in the package to form a thin and even film.
3. Buff the FoxGel with a cork roller or manually using a natural cork. (See Tips! below.)
4. Once the FoxGel has dried, clean the base carefully using a nylon brush.
5. FoxGel Medium and Minus are applied cold. They do not melt in waxing temperatures.
6. FoxGel Wet can be ironed in after application.

Grip Waxing:
The FoxGels are ideal as a top layer over grip waxes at temperatures -2C or warmer. This reduces the risk of grip waxes freezing and greatly improves glide in conditions of high suction. FoxGel Wet and FoxGel Medium do not impair the grip properties. FoxGel Minus is recommended for use on Teho grip waxes or when the grip is "too good".


  • Base-prep the skis well using hard Vauhti waxes.