Tuesday, July 17, 2001 - Information
Senior Development Team Training Camp Schedule

Rossland, BC
July 25th - Aug 5th

July 25th 9:00 am Depart Canmore for Rossland
4:00pm arrive - easy work out to stretch the legs (Hand in am Ruskos)

July 26th 8:30am Mtn Run Hike Old glory - down horse Trail (~3hrs)
2:30 pm Easy classic up to Swiss Alps towards Nancy Green (short 1-2hrs)
7:00pm Wings and Pool at the Rock Cut

July 27th 8:30am Skate Nancy Green - Christina + core/ flexibility (on the beach of Nancy Green)
4:30pm Mtn Bike ride/Run/ your choice (Hand in am Ruskos)
7:30 pm Road Hockey Game

July 28th 8:30 am Intensity VO2 Max Efforts ski striding Red Mountain ( ~3mins Long w/ lactate clearance)
4:30pm Easy Jog PM

July 29th 8:30 Int. 1 distance Skate - Waneta, Rec Centre shower/Hot Tub
5:30pm Golf Tournament (Real Golf) (Hand in am Ruskos)

July 30th Easy day - No am schedule

July 31st 8:30 am Strength + Flexibility + swimming - hot tub (Hand in am Ruskos)
4:30 pm Easy classic or Group Road ride - must control yourself - your choice

Aug. 1st 8:30 am Classic -Waneta- Rolling Terrain w/ speed work
4:30 easy recovery ski
7:30 Swiss Alps Stanley Cup Playoffs

Aug. 2nd 8:30 am Int. 1 Run w/ George local trails
4:30 pm Easy classic (Hand in am Ruskos)
7:00pm Wings and Pool at the Rock Cut

Aug. 3rd 9:00 am Easy ski at Waneta look at Time Trial Course
4:30 double poling from Swiss alps

Aug. 4th 9:00am Time Trial 7-Mile dam, 2 at a time with 15 second gaps(~25mins long) Hand in Ruskos
4:30 Easy bike ride - give the legs a break

Aug. 5th 9:00am Run + lunch and shower at the Trail Rec Centre
11:00am Depart for Canmore

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