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Application Procedure of CERAX

- By: Matthias Ahrens

1.Remove existing coatings with brass or copper brush or clean base with CERAX cleaner.

2. Prepare base with CERAX Groundwax G or paraffin [hydrocarbon]wax. Do not use fluorinated waxes!!!

3. After the use of CERAX Groundwax you should nylon brush . If using paraffin, scrape and brush the skis.
Very important - CERAX has to adhere to the base, therefore brush well!!

4. Warm base with hairdryer [ 20 - 40 C] i.e. handwarm.

5. Apply CERAX racing polymer solution with sponge applicator.

6. Warm base once more with hairdryer [ 20 - 40 C] in order to enhance durability.

7. For racing, polish base with horsehair brush and ski for 2-3 km to achieve best performance.

8. If necessary, structure the base to suit snow conditions before you apply CERAX racing polymer.

Range of Use

CERAX products are matched to different snow-conditions, not to temperature.. This makes it very easy to pick the right product. A bottle of 50 ml will do 20 Pairs of Nordic Skis.

Old and manmade, coarsegrain AS PRO 1
Old and manmade, finegrain AS PRO 2
New snow, dry AS PRO 3
New snow, wet, glazed AS WET PRO 4
Ice, crust, very abrasive,very cold AS PRO 5

There are also 2 interesting CERAX Classic products, a fluid basebinder for klister or hardwax conditions and a fluid Anti-Ice to prevent icing of hardwax or klister in 0 C degree conditions.

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