Saturday, December 1, 2001 - Perspective
XC Ottawa Update: A Skier's Sonata

- By: Alicia Berthiaume

The percussion duet of my heart and feet
Crescendos toward a thunderous beat
My poles like cymbals as I crest the hill
Air rushes to lungs and they hungrily fill

Ponderous thoughts as to the cause of the rhythm
As to the reason fueling such a concert from within
I turn to the trees and I question this training
And the forest begins in, a whisper, explaining

Silly girl to doubt, they scornfully began
For hard work and fine tuning are but part of the plan
Mother Nature and Jack Frost will again find romance
A skier's diamonds will fall, then you will dance

Your body is your instrument; the snow is your stage
You write music sweeter than any score on page
Your skis play the track like a bow on violin
Muscles harmonize with breath, and warmly join in

A canon in D over the ribbon of trail
This training will perfect every skiing detail
So have faith in the beat, of workouts, sang the trees
For the reward you earn will be to sing with your skis

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