Friday, November 30, 2001 - Perspective
NSDT Update: FIS Point Calculation

- By: Mike Argue

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The first two stops of this year's Continental Cup series are now in the history books and it is time to look to both Thunder Bay, Ontario and Telemark, Wisconsin, as the next places to make your mark on the series. Most of the competitors who have been following the circuit thus far will continue on, while a handful will depart for Europe for the early World Cups before Christmas. For National Senior Development Team athletes it is another chance at qualifying for what is one of the major focuses of our season, the OPA Tour.

The OPA Tour is a National Team trip that follows the European Continental Cup circuit for three weeks in February. The qualification standard for this trip for a person my age (born 1977 and later) is 60 FIS points (incidentally for a man born in 1976 or before, their criteria is 50 FIS points. Women born in 1977 and later it is 80 FIS and 75 FIS for women 1976 and earlier). 60 FIS points? I for one was someone who believed that if you go out and race well, trips and points and would take care of themselves. It wasn't until last year that I realized that criteria set on FIS points are very important and the main determinant for these trips. You may have the race of your life, but if the right people aren't there to provide you with a strong penalty that race may not count for much in achieving your goal of landing a spot on a certain trip. Because of this, I decided to search out exactly how the FIS "penalty" is determined in a race. If you are not familiar with how this is done, as I was not, I hope you find it interesting.

In calculating the race penalty, the following are considered:

  • The top five competitors in the race