Monday, October 17, 2005 - Ski Across Canada
Alex Nilsson Completes 6100km Trek Across Canada in 95 Days

After 95 days and 6100km of rollerskiing (that's 64.2km per day!) 70 year old Alex Nilsson has completed his trek across Canada, becoming the first person ever to rollerski across the country.

Alex set out from Victoria, BC on June 25th with his wife Nicole as a support crew in an effort to raise awareness about diabetes. Type II diabetes is a disease that is preventable through healthy nutrition and an active lifestyle. On October 4th, Alex rolled his way up to the east coast of New Foundland as representatives of the Canadian Diabetes Association jogged alongside him.

At the end of the journey Nicole noted that "We have made it! The last km was with three reps from CDA will detail later. We are heading to Signal Hill then to St Johns airport. NTV coverage and Telgram newspaper has an article today. We just called KBS so Kootenays know. Can you notify all our wellwishers? A big thank you to our children Alexis & Nick for taking care of their parents! To family, to friends and new friends we met... Love."

Congratulation to Alex and Nicole!

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