Monday, November 26, 2001 - LatestNews
North American Skiers raise $2,200.00 for UNICEF Afghanistan Relief Fund

Silver Star, BC - Thanks to a challenge presented by North America's top skier Beckie Scott, Canadian and American skiers raised a total of $2,200.00 Cdn for the Afghanistan Relief Fund. The money was raised through athletes donating their prize money won in this weekend's Subaru Continental Cup race action.

The race week, which was sponsored by Merrill Lynch, was made up of three Subaru Continental Cup races on Thursday, Friday and Sunday, with $675.00 in prize money for the top skiers in each category. Each of the three events offered a total purse of $2250.00.

"It's a little less thank I expected, I actually thought that people would donate more," said Scott, referring to the total amount raised. "However, skiers aren't the wealthiest of athletes, so I do understand. I guess we can be happy with what was raised."

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