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When 1.3 seconds separated the top 4 in the Norwegian cross country season opener last weekend, many viewed this a weakness, particularly as Elofsson won with 40 seconds on 10k in Sweden.

Not Thomas Alsgaard, he thought Elofsson would have been down the list.

Well, turns out Alsgaard was right, in Saturday’s men’s 15k classic in Kuopio, Finland, Norway took the first 8 spots, beating last year’s record where they had 7 on the top.

Anders Aukland won ahead of Erling Jevne and Frode Estil.

Elofsson was 9th and Muehlegg 10th, Ivan Botory, one of the pre race favourites, was 24th.

Skating on Sunday.



Norway’s Bente Skari recorded her 22nd world cup victory in today’s 10k classic cross country world cup opener in Finland.

Skari lead all the way and won by 18 seconds on Russia’s Olga Danilova. Swedish sensation Line Andersson was third.

Skari won the overall world cup in 1999 and 2000, she was second in 2001. She is also a world champion on the 5k classic from 1999 and on the 10k and 15k from 2001.



Per Elofsson from Sweden told his thoughts and news for international media at the Fischer press conference in Kuopio.

When he was asked is he still getting better and improving, he grins: "That's what you are training for, to improve year by year".

What are your thoughts about Double pursuit?
- I train for skiing fast, not to change boots or skis fast! (laughs)

What is on your olympic schedule?
- I will not race sprint, but I ski the rest. I have highest expectations for the 30 k mass start and pursuit.

What is your goal to the olympics?
- That is my goal of the season, to get some medals there.

What is your opinion about mass start?
- I prefer the interval start

Thomas Alsgaard has said your are his main enemy. Is Alsgaard your biggest enemy?
- No, he is my friend! (laughs)

Elofsson will ski no World Cup races in January, he is leaving to Canada for olympic preparation on 12th. Until christmas he wants to race as much as possible and says he feels he is in good shape when the season gets started.

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