Tuesday, August 30, 2005 - Quebec Training Centre
Quebec Team in Finland: First Week

- By: Marita Cockburn, Virginia Lehoux-Gagnon and Maryse

At the end of an entire day on a plane, and 30 hours without sleep, we arrived in Vuokatti at 21:30 local time. We have no reason to feel out of place, what with the hospitality of our fellow Finns and the fauna very similar to that of Northern Quebec.

As for the food, it is certainly not only boiled potatoes (RIGHT ALEX!!!!). Our meals consist of all sorts of fish, fresh from the 180 000 lakes in the beautiful country of Finland. Vegetables, eggs, meat and whole grain breads are never in short supply. (It appears the Finnish eat particularly well, maybe this is one ingredient of their recipe to success!). And every now and then we were pleasantly surprised to encounter chicken and pasta.

On another note, the sauna is a typical finnish activity. Combined with a jump in a chilly lake, it is a very effective way to ward off the demons of many hours of training.

As for training, on-snow skiing in the tunnel, running, rollerskiing and strength training comprise our day.

We have the chance to ski with some of the world's top skiers, Virpi Kuitinen, Anna-Kaissa Saurenen, Mona Lisa Malvelto and Rene Sommerfeld, to name a few.

In addition, skiers from China, Russia, Germany, Ukraine and Finland are there to inspire our futures and become models for the ultimate technique. We even found ourselves skiing among them for a few minutes at a time...

There is still an entire week to find ourselves intwined in exciting adventures and experiences.

Hei hei,
Marita Cockburn, Virginia Lehoux-Gagnon and Maryse L'Heureux (Quebec team)

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