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Becoming A Successful XC skier

- By: Jack Sasseville

What is success? To many it is the person who wins the gold medal or the big race. To John Wooden, the greatest basketball coach of all time, success is “the peace of mind which is a direct result of knowing that you did the best you can to become the best that you are capable of becoming”.

Each of us has been given a certain amount of talent and ability in all of the aspects of our lives. It is our challenge to make the most of these talents and abilities. The average person uses a small fraction of their talent and ability during their lives.

The first step in this process is interval motivation. The best xc skiers are the ones who love to train and to race. When they wake up in the morning they are thinking about what they are going to do for training that day to be better. At the end of the day they evaluate the day and plan the next day. The next morning they wake up excited and motivated to train. For the top skiers this happens nearly every day. They are disappointed and upset when they cannot train for any reason. They do not let other things get in the way and stop them from training. They fit their training around their other commitments or eliminate from their lives the things that are not as important. They find the time to do their play - to train.

At the end of your career as a skier will you be able to say that you did everything that you could do to be the best that you could be? If you can, regardless of the medals or races that you win you will be a success.

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