Monday, February 7, 2005 - Perspective
Haywood National Team Report: No Lack of Opportunities

- By: Casey Dyck

After trials were over and all the dust settled those of us who failed to qualify for the chance to race overseas were left wondering, what next? Luckily, within North America there are still lots of options for racing. A couple of us who are still on home soil decided to head south to participate in some SuperTour races. Even with the Canadian and US teams already gone to Europe, there is no lack of solid competition. The first stop on our southern road trip was Madison, Wisconsin where we competed in a very unique classic sprint race being held in the center of downtown circling their parliament building. After that we headed off to Mt. Itasca, Minnesota.

In Mt. Itasca several other Canadian racers from various clubs joined us. First off, there was a distance skate race held on Saturday. The large amount of fresh snow overnight lead to slow and very soft conditions. The next day we followed it up with a distance classic race. The snow hardened up well during the night and the cold conditions made for fairly easy waxing. The fastest classic times ended up being about 1 minute faster than the skate times on the exact same course.

From Mt. Itasca, south of Thunder Bay, we travelled to Telemark, Wisconsin where we competed in a skating sprint race. We went directly there after our previous races so we only had 2 days off to catch our breath and enjoy training on their endless trail system. After this race, we moved back up to Canada to compete in the Eastern Canadian Championships in the Ottawa region.Wow, I haven't seen500 athletes in one event for a long time!

And finally, over the last two weeks of February, the domestic group will compete in Hinton, AB at the Western Canadian Championships and in Edmonton for the final Haywood Canada Cup event of the season. We'll join up with the World Championships group again in Prince George at the Canadian Championships the first week of March.

And we were concerned over a lack of racing opportunities??

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Source: Cross Country Canada

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