Thursday, January 27, 2005 - Results
Sandau and Widmer Take 4th Place in Super Tour Sprint

The Canadian contingent competing in the Super Tour Sprint race in Telemark, Wisconsin gave the Americans a run for the money on Wednesday. Canada's Phil Widmer led the men's race after qualifying in 1st place, in a time of 2 minutes and 16 seconds. Lars Flora, member of the US 2005 World Championship Team, qualified in second, nearly 2 seconds off the pace. Anders Haugen qualified in third closely followed by the Canadian National Team member Sean Crooks.

The men's A final heat proved to be very exciting as Phil Widmer led off the starting line and up the first hill. The four skiers were neck in neck going into the final 100m finishing straight. Leif Zimmerman came from fourth position to take the photo finish win over Chris Cook. Flora finished in third just ahead of Phil Widmer. In the B, final Sean Crooks got out to a great start but faded towards the end, finishing in 7th place. After falling in the prelims, Casey Dyck finshed 3rd in his quarterfinal heat, ending the day in 12th place.

On the women's side, Switzerland's Karin Camenisch led the race from start to finish. Camenisch, racing for Team Rossignol, won the qualification round in a time of 2 minutes and 54 seconds, one second over fellow teamate, Kate Whitcomb. racer, Rhonda Sandau, qualified in third place, followed by Hilarly Patzer. The top four qualifiers met up in the A final. Camenisch led from start to finish, as the other three skiers battled for second place. In the end, Patzer had the strongest finishing push, coming from the back of the pack to take 2nd place. Kate Whitcomb finished in 3rd, followed by Rhonda Sandau in 4th place.

The Super Tour series moves continues this weekend in Telemark, WI, with two distance races. The Canadian contigent, however, will travel to Gatineu, Quebec for the Eastern Canadian Championships.

Women's 1km Skate Sprint Finals
1Karin Camenisch
2 Hilary Patzer
3 Kate Whitcomb
4 Rhonda Sandau

Women's Sprint Qualification
1Karin Camenisch (2:45)
2 Kate Whitcomb (2:46)
3 Rhonda Sandau (2:50)
4 Hilary Patzer (2:54)

Men's 1km Skate Sprint Finals
1 Leif Zimmerman
2 Chris Cook
3 Lars Flora
4 Phil Widmer

Other Canadians:
7 Sean Crooks
12 Casey Dyck

Men's Sprint Qualification
1Phil Widmer 2:16
2 Lars Flora 2:18.31
3 Anders Haugen 2:18.91
4 Sean Crooks 2:18.99

Other Canadians:
15 Casey Dyck 2:28

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Phil Widmer and Sean Crooks go head to head in the semi-final heat.

Rhonda Sandau leads her semi-final heat.

Casey Dyck chases down first place in his quarter-final heat.

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