Friday, January 21, 2005 - Perspective
National Team Haywood Report: Madison’s Capitol Square Street Sprints

- By: Sean Crooks

If you know the whereabouts of National Ski Team members Sean Crooks, Casey Dyck and Phillip Widmer and skier Rhonda Sandau, please report them to the authorities.

Illegal street racing is a growing problem in many cities. Racing through downtown streets, though tight corners, moving at dangerous speeds with no regard for the safety of others or themselves. I regret that some members of the National Ski Team were guilty of participation in such acts this past weekend. Their addiction to speed was brought to the downtown core of Madison, Wisconsin. The square surrounding the Capitol building was turned into a racetrack of madness, as such menaces ran through lights, skid around corners, shocked pedestrians and onlookers with their high velocity. They also caused many other disturbances with loud music, crowded streets of spectators, and money transactions at the awards. These street racers must be stopped.

The group of four were seen in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and somehow made it across the tight U.S. Border crossing into Minnesota. We believe they may have made a run for it in the woods, or simply drove though, after only one question from the border patrol. We aren’t sure. They were next seen entering beautiful Madison, Wisconsin checking into a race hotel that overlooks the Capitol and the course. Sometime, in the middle of the night, 70 truckloads of snow were mysteriously brought to the streets, closing the entire square. Hay bales were placed to create a hill. Snow fencing was also used to keep onlookers from wrecking this so-called racetrack. The next day, companies and reps came to town setting up tents and doing demos at an Expo. We believe that the suspects were out previewing their course and testing racing waxes. They also admired their great looks and form in the glass skyscrapers that surrounded the course. They were in fact “lookin' deadly” as one witness put it. There seemed to be a lot of hype surrounding this race. Word was out around town and everyone was buzzing about this mysterious race that was closing the downtown streets.

The suspects were working without their usual technicians and mechanics, so they were concerned with making sure everything was going to be perfect for their race. They fuelled themselves on Mexican food and plenty of rest in the luxury hotel, they called the “race hotel”. The Super Tour Classic Sprint Race was slated for the next day.

The crime was committed on Sunday afternoon, when the music was pumping, spectators were out and the sun was shining. It was the qualification round. They red lined around the course showing great form. In a good turnout of regular Super Tour participants, Crooks was 3rd, Casey 6th, Phil 11th and Rhonda 12th in qualifying. Next, the action followed with Phil, Casey and Sean in a heat together. They were seen eliminating the lone American and Sean and Phil advanced. The announcer seemed to love the international flavour the suspects were bringing to the race. Every heat was a battle for the line, so very, very close. Next, the heat saw Phil and Sean racing one another. The Canadians were dominating, much to the crowd’s dismay. Sean made it through; however, in a photo finish for second, Phil was nudged. Phil, although still guilty of street racing, is not guilty of bad sportsmanship. Good guy, that Phil Widmer. Anyway, in the final heat, after blaring the intro “To Lose Yourself”, by Eminem and getting everyone all pumped, the start gun went off. Sean stayed in behind up to the final climb, then went for it. He fired some boosters, but he fired a second too late. It was a photo finish and he ended up second. Ivan Babikov of Russia was third.

After the race, the three male suspects were seen carousing with some blond college girls, and accepting phone numbers and invitations to after-parties. Phil was heard saying “Sorry ladies, I’m spoken for”. They were later seen driving away in a stretch Escalade.

If you know the whereabouts of these perpetrators, please report them to the Bill Warren Training Center in Canmore, Alberta. Thank you.

Constable Imahuge

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Source: Cross Country Canada

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