Tuesday, December 14, 2004 - Latest News
Got Snow? You bet!

By: Robert Hogg

With registration closed on the inaugural Alberta Cup season races, it time to take a quick look at the upcoming Bow Corridor racing opportunities. Races #1 & #2 are hosted by Foothills Nordic Ski Club at Canada Olympic Park and promise to be fantastic with Mid Winter conditions and temperatures hovering around zero during the day. (Update: with a Chinook rolling in, Saturday looks to be “Spring Conditions” bring klister)

The road sign says Olympic Path. We could make a cheesy comment about Alberta Cups being the… … well you get the idea.

The Alberta racing calendar takes a break for Christmas, but returns January 2nd with our first ever Canada Cup team sprint at the Canmore Nordic Centre. The new World Cup Centennial Sprint Course is ready for racing and the Canmore boys are working hard on getting one last season our of those old snow guns!

The Guns of Canmore
(That truck will be moved - its on the sprint course)

In the first week of January all of Canada’s fastest skiers will be back in Canmore to kick off the second half of the season. As preparation for our World Championship team, 5 racing days fill the first 9 days of the year with:

  • Canada Cups on the 2nd & 6th hosted by the Alberta Centennial World Cup 2005 and Foothills Nordic Ski Club
  • Alberta Cups #3 & #4 on the 8th & 9th hosted by Canmore Nordic Ski club.
  • A special Nordic Stampede on January 4th
  • These will be great races with excellent points of offer in the Canada Cup pursuit and the Alberta Cups. The Sprint and Stampede are for fun and to work out the holiday blahs and are priced for Cowboys (free and dirt cheap). Prize money is on offer for the Canda Cup and Nordic Stampede races; Great points for the Alberta Cup on the 8th , and 9th.

    So what’s a Nordic Stampede? Why its head to head barrel racing and mixed chucks that’s what it is. If you don’t know what that means you “ain’t from Alberta!”

    Ok not these, although he would be an early favorite …. think more “pulkwagon”…

    …without the dog or kid but with an outrider of a different gender. Yes indeed you finally get to race with the ladies boy!

    While Barrel Racing is a summer female activity, in the winter the boys get to play as well. We promise these races will be the shortest you’ve ever raced with more turns per meter than you’ve ever made. We’re not saying you need to Einstein to race this course- but some study may help.

    We are all excited about trying out the new stadium and Centennial Sprint Course at the Canmore Nordic Centre. The folks from Foothills and Canmore Nordic are looking forward to hosting a fun week with great racing!

    Robert Hogg
    Chief of Competition
    Alberta World Cup 2005
    Foothills Nordic Ski Club
    Mike Mappin
    Chief of Competitions
    Canmore Nordic Ski Club

    Race Notices:
    Registration for all races is at http://www.zone4.ca
    Alberta Cup #1 & 2: http://www.foothillsnordic.ca/forumiewtopic.php?t=2223
    Canada Cup: http://www.foothillsnordic.ca/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2303
    Alberta Cup 3 & 4: http://www.canmorenordic.com/upcomingevents/upcoming%20events.htm

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