Monday, November 12, 2001 - Perspective
National Ski Team Perspective

- By: George Grey

What should I write about...well what you want to hear about? There are several different topics to choose from but the key is finding one that is of interest to you. Here it is, I will cover a few different topics. You be the judge and choose as you may:

1) Opportunity Cost
As athletes (and all other beings) we are faced with weighing the best alternative forgone. Why I bring this up is because I always have to justify myself to my friends when I am asked to come out wakeboarding, partying, or to go for a road trip. No, my friends are not alcoholics...they are "normal". Athletes on the other hand may be the abnormal ones. We choose to train hard instead of relaxing and indulging in a night of partying. There is nothing that I like more than a night out with "the boyz", but it is a matter of where and when. I must decide to go out or stay in. If I broke it down my thought process it would look something like this: "Is it going to be fun...what do I have to do late might the night hard is my training it important to my I need the rest...or do I need to let loose". It is a mathematical equation where the pros and cons are weighed and the answer is resolved. Is the opportunity cost of a good time to great to afford to go out? This is the question that I am plagued with as an athlete. My answer is a happy medium. I need to balance myself with other activites.

2) Tough Times Don't Last, Tough People Do!
These are some words of wisdom that have been engrained into my daily routine by someone that knows. In general I have a positive out look on training, racing, and life. It is the times that drain you the most that may be the most beneficial. Every tough day endured adds another check mark to the confidence questionnaire. Changing the "I can't" to "I can" is crucial. With this, we can fuel off the negative and find a way. When the questionnaire is scored at the races I want as many check marks as possible. That rainy cold day when my legs burned and my arms ached has just improved my ability to succeed. The crappy days are the ones I have grown to like over the years!

3) In Search...Of The Snow!!
Arriving home from Alaska it is a hard realization that there was little and now, no snow. After coming to terms with no snow at our back door, it was time to act! Our reaction might be compared to actions of ants in a damaged anthill. We come back...where do we ski? Where has snow?? So a few of us jump in a car and head west to the 1A highway in Lake Louise. Some others saddle up and drive east up the Smith Dorian gravel road. Neither car is sure of what they may come across. Or for that matter, not come across. Once in Lake Louise we check the 1A, there is snow but no track so we back track a couple clicks and find what we are looking for at Moraine Lake road. Over 100 km in the other direction, the second party is equally successful. After checking two sites they have found an interesting trail system called Chester Lake. Throughout the next week various car loads of National and National Development Teams are darting east and west to both gold mines, switching it up to test each site. The hour long drive in either direction is well rewarded with excellent skiing conditions. Until our ant hill in Canmore is constructed, we will frantically seek other trails systems. Well that analogy kinda...well actually...really sucked. As long as it humors my fellow teammates and I get laughed at in the days to come...then it is all worth it!

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