Tuesday, October 19, 2004 - Information
Golf Course Skiing Education

- By: Sara Renner

Golfers love their grass and we love their snow. The Canmore Golf Course will allow us to ski if we stay off the greens (they are fenced) and the golf tees. Follow these recommendations at Silver Tip and Stewart Creek as well, or on any golf course where you live. For the non-golfers a tee is a flat area built on a little mound. Please don't follow existing ski tracks over the tee's but set a new track around. If we ski on the tee, it takes longer for the snow to melt in the spring and affects their operating season.

If we can be responsible as a ski community, we will be able to continue to enjoy this privilege. In the past, the Canmore Golf Course has set a track and with our encouragement it might be possible to do this in the future. Thank you's can be directed to Reid, the head of maintenance.

Sara Renner

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