Saturday, August 21, 2004 - Results
Renner, Johnson win at New Zealand's Merino Muster

The Canadian and American ski teams squared off today in the 21km and 42km Merino Muster loppet at the Snowfarm in New Zealand. Athlete's faced ideal conditions with very little wind, well groomed tracks and sun. The temperature at race time was hovering around 5C with cold and fast snow.

Sara Renner scored one for the Canadian team, hanging on to the men's lead pack for the first few kilometers to win the 21km race by 3 minutes and 25 seconds over American Rebecca Dussault. The Canadians then swept 3rd and 4th positions with Dasha Gaiazova and Chandra Crawford. US Team's Wendy Wagner round out the top 5.

In the men's 42km race the US team took the win, with Andrew Johnson putting in a dominant performance to win by 34 seconds over Canadian Devon Kershaw. However, it was the Canadian team's depth that was impressive. The Canadian men swept the 2nd through 8th positions, placing 8 men in the top 10. Adam Kates finished 3rd, followed by Dan Roycroft in 4th with Brian McKeever rounding out the top 5.

The Canadian team's New Zealand training camp wraps up early next week with the majority of the team returning to Canada on Wednesday.

Results: Women's 21 km skate
 1  Sara Renner CAN  55:07
 2  Rebecca Dussault USA  58:32
 3  Dasha Gaizova CAN  59:00
 4  Chandra Crawford CAN  1:00:10
 5  Wendy Wagner USA  1:00:12
 6  Tara Sheaham NZ  1:00:23
 7  Hilary Patzer USA  1:01:39
 8  Kikkan Randall USA  1:03:11
 9  Lindsey Weier USA  1:03:15
 10  Aubrey Smith USA  1:03:28

Results: Men's 42 km skate
 1  Andrew Johnson USA  1:38:13
 2  Devon Kershaw CAN  1:38:48
 3  Adam Kates CAN  1:39:23
 4  Dan Roycroft CAN  1:39:44
 5  Brian McKeever CAN  1:39:46
 6  George Grey CAN  1:39:55
 7  Gordon Jewett CAN  1:40:27
 8  Drew Goldsack CAN  1:40:58
 9  Justin Freeman USA  1:41:48
 10  Chris Jefferies CAN  1:41:49
 12  Nathan Schultz USA  1:42:23
 13  Leif Zimmerman USA  1:43:21
 14  David Chamberlain USA  1:45:08
 15  Torin Koos USA  1:45:16
 16  Chris Cook USA  1:47:55
 17  Andrew Newell USA  1:48:40
 18  Simon Heard GBR  1:51:53
 19  Mike Dyon CAN  1:56:06
 20  Mike Argue CAN  1:57:56
 21  Paul Tolomiezenko CAN  1:58:13

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