Wednesday, July 28, 2004 - Athlete Perspective
Haywood Report: Rest and Recovery

By: Drew Goldsack

With one of the hardest training periods of the year behind me my focus is now shifting to recovery for the next week in order to prepare for our trip to New Zealand. In the past 4 weeks I have completed around 80 hours of training, 12 hours of that has been on snow at the Haig Glacier and the rest has been dry land training around Canmore. During this period I did six hard zone 4 intensity sessions which were anywhere from 8 x 2.5min on the treadmill to 4 x 6min on roller skis as well as four long 6 hour days. To make it through a hard period like this, recovery has to be your top priority. Without good recovery long hard hours can be a waste and end up being detrimental to your fitness rather than improving it. My typical recovery routine after most workouts is as follows: 1) drink a high protein/carb recovery drink immediately after the workout. 2) Take a cold swim/bath/shower to slow down your metabolism (the colder the better, I try for 5min in extremely cold water, donít worry, if you can make it through the first minute and a half your body starts to go numb and the cold becomes bearable!). 3) Relax for about an hour then have a balanced meal. 4) Have a nap, stretch and prepare for the next workout! Of course this is in a perfect world, and it is not possible to follow this exact routine all the time especially if working around school and/or a job but doing as much as possible will really help you handle the hard training.

On the whole I think the team has come through this hard period very well and everyone seems to be in excellent shape. With a little over a week until we head to New Zealand, I will be doing everything possible to make sure I am completely recovered and prepared both physically and mentally for what will be some of the most important training of the year. I think everyone is really looking forward to the New Zealand camp and I am sure it will be an incredible three weeks of training and hopefully we will have some chances to do the tourist thing as well! I hear New Zealand is the home of the highest bungee jump in the world and as you probably can guess from some of our Assinaboine camp pictures I am in good company on our team when it comes to thrill seeking.

We will be staying at a place called the Waiorau Snow Farm ( that is about 55km from Queenstown. It sounds like an incredible place, there are 55km of trails and last I heard there is already a 50cm base of snow! The hotel is right on the ski trails so we will be able to ski right from our door. Until next time, see you on the trails!

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