Wednesday, July 7, 2004 - Athlete Perspective
Haywood Report: Believe in Dreams, Set Your Goals

By: Dan Roycroft

In early June I was given the opportunity to return to my hometown Huntsville in Southern Ontario and make a presentation at the 100th anniversary Huntsville High School Athletic Awards Banquet. As a graduate of Huntsville High, this presentation was an opportunity for me to reflect on my journey so far, and to hopefully inspire the next generation of athletes as they set out on their careers. As part of this speech I created a 7 minute video to help convey the athletic journey that I have undertaken and the life of a national team athlete. I hope you enjoy it.


High Speed (high resolution ~ 17MB):
Dialup (low resolution ~ 2.5MB)

Dan Roycroft competing in 2003 Asiago WC in Italy

Editor's Note: Dan is a member of our Senior Team 2010. A number of his still photo's will be featured in this years 2005 Project Podium Calendar Project. He has been involved in developing CCC's current web site and is the owner / operator of ZONE4 one of the Race Mangement and Timing System's currently endorsed by CCC.

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Source: Cross Country Canada

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