Saturday, June 26, 2004 - Results
Canadian NST Roller Ski Time Trial Results

Thursday and Friday marked the first skate uphill test of the year for the Canadian National Ski Team. These tests came at the end of a week that included VO2 Max tests as well as critical speed running tests (4000m in the morning, 1000m in the afternoon). Team 2005 and Team 2006 did the uphill test on Thursday morning while Team 2010 and Team 2014 did tthe uphill test on Friday. Both tests were conducted under nearly identical and essentially ideal conditions of +15C and very little wind.

Skate Roller Ski Uphill Test, Canmore, Alberta

June 24th, +15 Sunny (Teams 2005 and 2006)
Devon Kershaw 11:05 PB
George Grey 11:50
Drew Goldsack 12:05
Chris Jeffries 12:22
Sara Renner 13:23
Dasha Gaiazova 14:09
Chandra Crawford 14:48 PB

June 24th, +15 Sunny (Teams 2010 and 2014)
Adam Kates 11:18 PB
Gordon Jewett 11:31 PB
Shane Stevens 12:06
Dave Nighbor 12:08 PB
Sean Crooks 12:15 PB
Casey Dyck 12:36 PB
Jesse Heckrodt 12:43 PB
Dan Roycroft 12:49
Phil Widmer 12:54 PB
Chris Butler 12:56 PB
Chris Werrell 13:42 PB
Becky Laakso 15:02 PB
Perianne Jones 15:24 PB
Viktoria Koskenoja 16:36

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