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CCC Announces Training Centre Closures

Cross Country Canada (CCC) wishes to announce two recent changes in the structure of its training centre program.

It is with regret that CCC acknowledges and accepts the decision of the Board of Directors of the Ottawa-Gatineau National Athlete Development Centre (NADC) to terminate the Centre’s operation effective immediately.  The major factor in this decision was the inability of the Board to generate the financial resources required to operate the Centre in a way that permits it to fulfill its role successfully.  The Ottawa-Gatineau NADC came into existence in the fall of 2002 as a community-based initiative within the National Capital District of Cross Country Ontario.  Despite the moral and financial support provided by the local ski community and by a strong partnership with Carleton University, the NADC was ultimately unable to establish a financially viable program.  In rendering its decision, the NADC Board emphasized that the Ottawa-Gatineau region continues to offer an excellent environment for the development of competitive cross-country skiers beyond the club level.  The experience acquired in the past two ski seasons will be distilled into “lessons learned” that can be applied in the future when and if resource availability and athlete demand are such that the NADC can be re-established.

On a happier note, CCC wishes to announce that the Canmore National Team Development Centre (NTDC) will cease to operate as a NTDC effective the spring of 2004.  The National Ski Team Committee decided at its April 2004 meeting to re-role the NTDC to become Team 2010 within the National Ski Team.

The Canmore NTDC was sponsored by the Calgary Olympic Development Association (CODA).  In the course of ten years of operation, it had achieved a high degree of success in attracting elite athletes and assisting them in pursuing international excellence and achieving selection to the National Ski Team (NST).  The decision to change the role of the NTDC was based in part on recognition that a significant number of athletes with potential for international success in the 2010 timeframe had emerged nationally, and that the majority of these athletes were members of the Canmore NTDC.  The NST Committee acknowledged the desirability of expanding the capacity of its 2010 program in order to accommodate this talent pool, but could not do so within the resource envelope of the NST.  Subsuming the NTDC operation – to include its coach and program funding – within the NST was determined to be the best solution to meeting this important requirement.  As well as expanding the size of the NST, this decision serves to increase the pool of resources at National Training Centre in Canmore, thus enhancing the programming options that are open to the NST staff.

The financial support received from CODA continues to play a visible and essential role in the new NST program structure.  Some of this support is reflected directly in the operation of the National Training Centre, while some is focused more specifically on Team 2010 (i.e. athletes with 2010 potential who are on the threshold of selection to the Senior NST).

While the creation of a larger and better-resourced Team 2010 element within the NST is viewed to be a logical and valuable program evolution, the closure of the Canmore NTDC is nevertheless recognized as having reduced the support options available to developing athletes below the Team 2010 level.  The NST assesses that, in the short term, this need can be addressed in the remaining NTDCs (in Thunder Bay and Quebec City) and in CCC clubs in the Bow Valley corridor around Canmore.  In the longer term, when the resources are available and additional program capacity at the NTDC level is required, it may be desirable to re-establish a NTDC in Canmore.

Source:  Cross Country Canada

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