Perspective Archive - March, 2002

Wednesday, March 20 Future Cuts - By: Sara Renner
Amateur sports are bracing for further cuts, the Globe and Mail reported recently. The Canadian Olympic Association (COA) expects to be short $6 million and this will directly impact athletes on all national teams and development in a country which is already struggling to retain its dignity in the sports arena. Sports could avoid the axe if they won medals at the Salt Lake City Olympics. Nordic... [
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Monday, March 4 Olympic Reflections: My Defining Moment - By: Sara Renner
There is one thing that we never do before we start a ski race. The women's team never hugs. We might make eye contact and wish each other good luck or at the most give each other a hard high five. A hug is a distraction and best saved for after the finish line... [
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Monday, March 4 NSDT Update: Returning Home - By: Drew Goldsack
Well, we're finally back in Canada after a really good Senior B-tour trip. We had seven races in three and a half weeks and I think it's safe to say that everyone is glad to be home so that they can get some rest before Nationals. Trying to recover in one week is something like cramming for that exam that... [
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Saturday, March 2 NSDT Update: The Nationals are Coming - By: Tasha Betcherman
If you're like me you've been glued to the television coverage of the Winter Olympics. It's been quite amazing watching our own Canadian cross country ski team soar to the top. The pursuit race took my breath away as I'm sure it did yours, seeing Beckie Scott charging to the line and taking the bronze. A moment none of us are likely to forget for as long as we live. As well, the rest of the Canadians have had historical results and broken through barriers... [
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XC Ottawa Update Friday, March 1 XC Ottawa Update: Keskinada 50k
To begin, it must be mentioned that our team was exceptionally well prepared for this race, and we had excellent race and wax support. Among those who made superb contributions in this regard were Pavol Skvaridlo, John Langstone, Tom McCarthy, and Don Moxley. This race had been a major team objective since the summer, and it was very satisfying to accomplish what we... [
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