Perspective Archive - January, 2002

Wednesday, January 30 Team Update - By: Werner Schwar
Hello everyone. A busy past weekend for the Crusty Old Guy in Thunder Bay, who finally got his first competitive races under his belt for this season. The Lake Superior Ski Division Championships were held at Lappe Nordic Centre, after being moved from Kamview and Mink Mountain due to thin snow at the other two sites... [
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Donald Farley Headshot Tuesday, January 29 Olympic Profile: Donald Farley - By: Charles Nadeau
Donald's cross-country skiing career started back in 1984 following the Lake Placid Winter Olympic Games. After more than ten years on the senior national team, he remains one of the strongest North American classic style ski racers and has 19 Canadian championship gold... [
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Tuesday, January 29 World Junior Team Update - By: Sean Crooks
I'm sure anyone who has been following World Junior results this week has noticed Canada's climb in the ranks on sprint day. That's right, Canada rocks house in sprints. With 4 top 30 results in one day the team atmosphere is definitely more positive and upbeat. Although we aren't bringing home the hardware, anyone... [
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Tuesday, January 29 Phil's XC Journal: World Duathlon Premiere - By: Phil Villeneuve
Earlier this year I had the opportunity to race in the first ever Cross Country skiing Duathlon Continental Cup race held in Ramsau, Austria. Here are the details on my experience. The 15km course was divided in 2 separate 7.5km parts, each consisting of three 2.5km loops that circled the... [
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Saturday, January 26 Team Update - By: Rhonda Sandau
My Christmas holidays felt unusually long this year. In past years, I returned home from the December Continental Cup races with only a couple of days left before Christmas. However, this year the cancellation of the pre-Christmas races in Thunder Bay and Wisconsin left me with an extra week of holidays. The cancellations... [
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Saturday, January 26 World Junior Team Update - By: Chandra Crawford
Well the most exciting race of my career so far has come and gone, and now, live from Al's laptop in a hotel in Schonach, it's Saturday Night! And your host, Chandra Crawford will now share the details of what went through her mind in today's events... [
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Friday, January 25 World Junior Team Update - By: Madeleine Williams
Well, racing is now in full swing! Things are going well and spirits are high. In the past week we have seen Connal turn 19 ( January 20th), Dave and Sean finish their first 30km race, and Jo arrive on Saturday... [
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Wednesday, January 23 Team Update - By: Werner Schwar
I am still alive after releasing that top secret Finn training workout in my last report. The skiing has been good for a while now, and today we were able to ski the entire 12 km loop at Lappe. I write this as a racer who has felt all dressed up for the last few weeks with no where to go. Not being able to travel to far away races has meant, that other than the... [
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Tuesday, January 22 World Junior Team Update - By: Colleen Mortimer
Hi, this is Colleen for update number 3. Now that Emily's bag has arrived it's time to pack up and move out again. We're getting ready to leave for Schonach tomorrow morning. The six hour drive will be "peanuts" when compared to our 32hr world wide adventure... [
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XC Ottawa Update Monday, January 21 XC Ottawa Update - By: David Zylberberg
Upon completion of high school, young skiers who wish to compete seriously and improve have two options; ski full time for as many years as they last, or continue with their education while training seriously and competing. Both options have their advantages, as well as their disadvantages. The biggest advantage of attending school is not directly related to skiing. The education received helps people to mature and become prepared to function as adults... [
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Saturday, January 19 World Junior Team Update - By: Emily Hayman
Well, let's see, so far this trip has been quite an interesting experience. LITERALLY. The whole team started our 32 hours and 10 minutes of travelling with a 3hr drive from Charlo to Moncton. So far, So good...BUT...ahhh, our plane was delayed for almost an hour because of technical difficulties, causing us to miss the connecting flight in Toronto... [
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Saturday, January 19 XC Ottawa Update - By: Lee Churchill
Well its January 2002, and unfortunately weather conditions across the country haven't been exactly fantastic, that is if your life is XC skiing! These horrific conditions have left several of us lacking an important step in our on snow training, Racing! Due to the cancellation of all continental cup races in Thunder Bay, Ontario and Telemark... [
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Friday, January 18 NSDT Update: Keep it Sharp During the Racing Season - By: Charles Nadeau
It remains a challenge for high level athletes of every sport. For us cross-country skiers, the racing season begins in early November and ends around March 15th. It means about five months, during which it is critical to be in perfect shape despite travelling, pressure, anxiety and fatigue. Fortunately, the biggest part... [
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Thursday, January 17 Junior B Tour Update - By: G. Nishikawa and J. Jaques
What do you call an empty jar of Cheese Wiz? Cheese Waz! West Jet's jokes are as good as their cookies and pretzels. Our trip started with a long cross country West Jet flight into Calgary, Alberta. There, coach Don was waiting with our team van. We drove to Canmore and... [
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Thursday, January 17 Moving On - By: Robin McKeever
My largest goal of the past four years, qualifying for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, came to an abrupt halt after only the third race of the season. Only two days later I was proposed the opportunity to go over to Europe with the possible chance of racing a World Cup relay giving me one last glimmer of hope at attaining... [
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Monday, January 14 NSDT Update: European Racing - By: Drew Goldsack
With Christmas behind us, almost everyone's attention focused on the important qualifying races fast approaching and just past. Weather it is the seniors looking to score that so far illusive 60 F.I.S points in order to qualify for the Opa Cup tour (Senior B-tour), or the juniors that were looking forward to the World Junior... [
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Sunday, January 13 XC Ottawa Update - By: Craig Storey
A rumour has been circulating about Karl Saidla and Megan McTavish, two of XC Ottawa's top skiers. No, no, everyone knows they have been dating for awhile, that's old news. No this is something else, something exciting. It first started in the summer, then seemed to fade. It resurfaced before the early snow camp. It circulated before the first two continental cups were cancelled, before they went to Thuder Bay... [
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Saturday, January 12 Phil's XC Journal #14: Border Hoping - By: Phil Villeneuve
"Where are you headed sir?" "Uh...Bozeman, Montana...I'm going down to take part in some cross country races...the US Nationals actually." "I see...passport please...thanks...ok, can you pull ahead a bit and park to the left please, we'll be with you shortly." No "How long will you be in the United States for?" or not even a "Are you carrying any... [
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Saturday, January 5 XC Ottawa Update - By: Sharon Clay
By: Sharon Clay and Anna-Spring Doerfler Six-thirty in the morning. Yawning, but eager, they congregate in front of Pavol's house, three cars sagging from the excessive weight; so much that David's mud flap drags on the pavement as he banks a turn. No, they do not skimp out on the provisions. Not only do they bring food and vitamins, but also they have heard that there might be snow at the "North Pole", so they brought their skis. Not knowing how much snow there might... [
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Thursday, January 3 Update - By: Werner Schwar
The week between Christmas and New Year's has seen the return of a more normal Thunder Bay winter, -20 C nights and highs -10 to -15 C. And best of all that dry squeaky snow we are so famous for. Fortunately it has not been too slow, since the snow is thin and a lot of people are going around a short loop... [
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