Perspective Archive - December, 2001

Monday, December 31 Junior National Team Update: Mental Preparation - By: Andrew Leoni
Now that the brunt of this year's physical preparation for the race season is completed, athletes everywhere are getting into the main competitive season. If the physical training up to this point has gone according to plan, most of us will be rising... [
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Saturday, December 29 Update - By: Werner Schwar
The beginning to this season was some of the most rock skiing I have ever done in my life. It was a good test of my resolve and dedication. In a sick and demented way it presented a challenge. Just how little snow could one ski on, for how long and why even bother? Perhaps I need a shrink, or I am addicted to the feeling of gliding on snow, no matter how thin it is... [
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Thursday, December 27 Phil's XC Journal #14 - By: Phil Villeneuve
Two weeks away and besides a few new houses that have sprouted up and the commercial projects getting higher, not much has really changed in Canmore. The snow is still as patchy as when I left with the exception of a huge extra 2km of newly laid concrete (man made snow) around the Nordic Centre. But hey, it's better than nothing right... [
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Thursday, December 27 Staying Sharp At Christmas - By: Shane Stevens
So far this year, on the North American racing scene, the big news is that there hasn't been much real racing. With all the cancellations of the Eastern Continental Cups, we've been forced to organize our own time trials and look for regional races around Canmore and Calgary. Most skiers here...[... [
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Thursday, December 20 XC Ottawa Update - By: David Zylberberg
Given that skiing is different from any dryland training methods, most skiers find that they need some time adjusting to snow before they are ready to race. In order to do this early skiing, the members of XC Ottawa, accompanied by coaches Pavol... [
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Wednesday, December 19 Snow: The Science Behind It - By: Tasha Betcherman
The scientist responsible for pioneering the study of snow crystals was undoubtedly Wilson A. Bentley. He is the man behind the phrase we all remember from our childhood "no two snowflakes are alike". He made this discovery in Jericho, Vermont (1865-1931). A self educated farmer, Bentley attracted...... [
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Tuesday, December 18 Junior National Team Update: Sprinting in Silver Star - By: Chandra Crawford
Am I ready? Am I ready? I have trained all summer for this! Am I shaking? Am I steady? Once again I have to piss. My skis are ready, they will... [
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Friday, December 14 NSDT Update: The Elusive Grip - By: Erik Carleton
Waxing kick wax for cross country ski racing can be quite a challenge. With conditions ranging from dry to wet, new to transformed, proper waxing is an intricate skill. It is safe to say that the right wax choice can decide the race, especially in more difficult waxing conditions. At... [
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Wednesday, December 12 Phil's XC Journal #13 - By: Phil Villeneuve
It's down to crunch time and I get the feeling I need to clear up a few things before the big decision is made regarding our attempt at making the Olympic standard. I've always believed, from the point I actually made my decision (and believe me when I say it wasn't an easy one) that I...[... [
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Wednesday, December 12 The Women's Blur Tour - By: Sara Renner
We started the season pretty much where we left off. Beckie blasted off from the start in Cogne, Italy and scored two top ten performances and the remainder of the women's team collected good FIS points and proved that we are easily within striking distance of the top... [
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Friday, December 7 A Future Perspective - By: Chris Jeffries
Two recent articles on have contained minor errors. Below are the corrections, we appologize for the misinformation... [
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Thursday, December 6 Junior National Team Update - By: Devon Kershaw
So, it's already November 7th and I am just starting my athlete article which is due tomorrow (of course!). Some may call me a procrastinator and those people are probably partially correct. Oh well, here it goes... [
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Thursday, December 6 Phil's XC Journal #11: Olympic Bound or Bust - By: Phil Villeneuve
I know this seems like a quick back to back dose of my journal but there is a matter of great importance developing in the sport of Cross Country Skiing. Following the races in Silver Star, there has been a push... [
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Wednesday, December 5 NSDT Update: Exciting Times - By: Tara Whitten
It is an exciting time to be a cross country skier. I have always loved hearing stories about the beginnings of skating, and I envied the people who were a part of that revolution. Now it feels like we are a part of the same type of revolution... [
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Saturday, December 1 XC Ottawa Update: A Skier's Sonata - By: Alicia Berthiaume
The percussion duet of my heart and feet Crescendos toward a thunderous beat My poles like cymbals as I crest the hill Air rushes to lungs and they hungrily fill... [
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