Perspective Archive - November, 2001

Friday, November 30 NSDT Update: FIS Point Calculation - By: Mike Argue
The first two stops of this year's Continental Cup series are now in the history books and it is time to look to both Thunder Bay, Ontario and Telemark, Wisconsin, as the next places to make your mark on the series. Most of the competitors who have been following the circuit thus far... [
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Thursday, November 29 Phil's XC Journal #11 - By: Phil Villeneuve
One of the reasons I started writing this journal was to give my family, friends and sponsors a taste of my racing experiences, travels and thoughts throughout my racing season. Half the people out there had no clue as to what type of life we 'xc skiers' led. Hopefully these past few months of journal entries have enlightened you a bit. Now that the racing season has finally begun... [
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Wednesday, November 28 Gord's Ski Newsletter: Vol.4, No.3 - By: Gord Jewett
During the summer I am always anxious to get away from home and I enjoy training camps. Training in one place all the time can become monotonous, and travelling is a nice change. By the winter things usually change a bit. It is getting to be the time of year when having just at... [
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Monday, November 19 NSDT Update: At the Edge of Science - By: Charles Nadeau
Effort management, think about it... It is the main difference between the casual trainer and the high level athlete. You can have the highest max VO2, the best... [
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Friday, November 16 Gord's Ski Newsletter : Vol.4, No.2 - By: Gord Jewett
As I look over this seasons racing schedule, it seems to be almost endless. This is a common feeling in November, when looking ahead it seems that the big races will never come soon enough. I am not fooled though. Like every racing year it will be the end of March before I know it... [
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Monday, November 12 National Ski Team Perspective - By: George Grey
As athletes (and all other beings) we are faced with weighing the best alternative forgone. Why I bring this up is because I always have to justify myself to my friends when I am asked to come out wakeboarding, partying, or to go for a road trip. No, my friends are not alcoholics...they are "normal". Athletes on the other hand may be the abnormal ones. We choose to train hard instead... [
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Saturday, November 10 XC Ottawa Update: When the Going Gets Tough - By: Kris Doyon
So you've trained well all summer and fall, but now it's November and there isn't a snowflake in sight. The race season has already started and you don't expect snow soon. To make matters worse it is cold enough that your pole tips don't stick in the pavement when you roller ski and your sick and tired of runningt... [
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Tuesday, November 6 XC Ottawa Update- The New Dawn - By: Laura Clements
With a wild swing of my arm I reach for the alarm clock that screeches out a deafening sound at the dawn of a hot and hazy summer morning. To hit the snooze button means many more enjoyable moments of slumber, to give in and accept the reality of the alarm clock means the beginning of a long day of solo training. As all cross-country skiers are aware, the ski training consists of many long hours of highly involved training. The challenge in training does not... [
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Monday, November 5 Junior National Team Update (Part#2) - By: Dasha Gaiazova
Gunde Swan was not only a great faker but also a very hard worker. It is enough just to look at the volumes of his training and only this aspect could probably increase the number of his fans by two times! For example his easy week consisted of 16hrs and his hard week was almost 28hrs. Here is a more detailed plan of two training weeks... [
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Thursday, November 1 It's All About Your Dreams - By: Charles Nadeau
The following article is not going to help you become a better athlete. In fact, it has nothing to do with the sport. I even did not find any purpose to guide my work. However, if you read carefully, you will understand what this is all about... [
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