Perspective Archive - January, 2005

Haywood Securities Monday, January 24 Haywood Report: The Worst Day in Classic Racing - By: Devon Kershaw
OK - so I have been in Oberstdorf for a week, and I have seen a ton of wacky things happen. If ever you find yourself complaining of the weather, please be thankful you do not live here... [
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Saturday, January 22 World Universiade Update: Adventures of a Bathroom Nature - By: Magi Scallion
Sunday-race morning dawned (January 16th) in the usual sunshine-manner of Seefeld, Austria. Most of the teams' mood and physical disposition matched the weather... [
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Haywood Securities Friday, January 21 National Team Haywood Report: Madisonís Capitol Square Street Sprints - By: Sean Crooks
Illegal street racing is a growing problem in many cities. Racing through downtown streets, though tight corners, moving at dangerous speeds with no regard for the safety of others or themselves... [
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Shayla Swanson Boarder Wednesday, January 19 Racing in Seefeld: An update from the battle ground - By: Shayla Swanson
Unfortunately, friday the 14th,†sprint day†marked a day of mass surrender for team Canada. Despite a strong showing by all, placing in the top 16 and advancing to the final heats proved to be a difficult... [
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Gordon Jewett, 4th leg of the 4x10km World Cup relay in La Clusaz, France Monday, January 17 Gordís Ski Newsletter Vol.7, No.5: Ups and Downs - By: Gord Jewett
As I sit in the airport in Minneapolis taking advantage of one of the coveted wireless hotspots that are miraculously springing up around the globe, I have a moment to reflect on the season... [
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Shayla in one of her many sewing projects. Friday, January 14 World Universiade Update: Austrians are Interesting - By: Shayla Swanson
Austrians are interesting people. The young ones are tobaganing, the middle age are sunning themeselves on patios open in the winter and the elderly are showing everyone else what it means to be fit... [
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Haywood Securities Thursday, January 6 National Team Haywood Report: Making a team into a Team - By: Gord Jewett
It has been eight months since the first National Ski Team camp of the year at Mount Assiniboine Lodge and it seems like it was ages ago. When the team first assembled it was a mixed bag of athletes... [
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