Perspective Archive - October, 2001

Wednesday, October 31 Junior National Team Update: Little Cunnings of a Big King (Part 1) - By: Dasha Gaiazova
A while ago I found an article describing Gunde Swan's psychological "games" he played with virtually everyone: his competitors, reporters and even his fans. Here are some interesting short stories about Gunde Swan, which were taken from his autobiography book. These stories reveal how... [
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Tuesday, October 30 NSDT Update: The Season Begins - By: Drew Goldsack
Things are going great here in Alaska, training is going very well and it is so nice to be able to ski twice a day, every day! The snow is a bit thin, but the skiing is still very good due to the nicely maintained trails which are mostly grass in the summer, so only a small amount of snow is needed to make for great skiing. There are about 25 kilometers of groomed... [
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Friday, October 26 Phil's XC Journal #10 - By: Phil Villeneuve
I don't care what you say...but WINTER IS HERE! Ok, maybe I'm jumping the gun a bit but even though the white stuff hasn't quite made a permanent home on the ground yet, it's still cold enough for me to get in winter mode. Canmore has already had 2 weeks of solid cold weather; the mountains are permanently... [
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Thursday, October 25 XC Ottawa Update: Skiing in Ottawa - By: Tom McCarthy
So, we've started up this team that most of you have probably heard something about by now. It's called XC Ottawa, which tells you that we're skiers, and that we're from Ottawa. Ottawa? Skiing? For some people, especially those out West where the mountaintops stay white year-round, Ottawa probably seems like the worst place to ski. It's southern, it's eastern, it's flat, it's low altitude... [
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Monday, October 22 NSDT Update: First Snow - By: Shane Stevens
Most of the Senior Development Team athletes have arrived in Fairbanks, Alaska for our early snow training camp. It took everyone a little while to adjust to having skis on after a summer of roller skiing. Also, having had our glacier camp cancelled, it has been longer than... [
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Saturday, October 20 XC Ottawa Update: To Get a Job or Not? - By: Arno Turk
So, you've ski raced through high school, you've graduated from college/university with all your knowledge (and important papers) in hand and enter the work world. You automatically think - "Boy, am I ever going to train lots, now that I don't have any homework to do in the evenings". Well, think again... [
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Monday, October 15 Junior National Team Update - By: Shayla Swanson
I think that time is flying by faster than ever!! I remember thinking that I had one month to write this update. Now, here I am down to the wire as usual!! Speaking of time flying, it reminds me of my days in... [
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Friday, October 12 NSDT Update: The Rich History of Skiing - By: Tasha Betcherman
I stumbled across some intriguing early history of cross country skiing and was very surprised at its truly incredible ancient beginnings. It gave me a bit of a better understanding of how and why cross country skiing is embedded in the cultural fabric of so many countries... [
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Wednesday, October 10 Phil's XC Journal #9 - By: Phil Villeneuve
I just had a thought. Is it possible that in order to achieve that high level of success, whether it be geared towards athletics or life in general, that you need to have a few screws loose! I'm not saying all successful individuals deserve to be admitted to the loony bin (although I know that some of you might disagree) but it seems that the few that have reached the top have an excess of that gene called... [
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Tuesday, October 9 XC Ottawa Update - By: Glen McIntyre
Most cross country skiers do not have access to snow for the summer months. This has led skiers to develop effective dryland training techniques. As no perfect simulation of skiing is available a skier will generally use a range of different training techniques, each one with its own particular focus. Thus a skiers summer regimen will typically consist of running, rollerskiing, ski striding with poles and other various activities. One training technique that is not commonplace in Canada is the use of... [
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Monday, October 8 NSDT Update: Fall Doldrums - By: Gord Jewett
Skiing is one of the hardest sports in the world, requiring over a decade of dedication to reach the highest international level. Although we train like mad all summer and race and travel constantly during the winter, fall is one of toughest times of the year for a ski racer. Our love of skiing and our common... [
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Friday, October 5 The Last Dyrland Camp of the Year - By: Sara Renner
The big hours of the summer are now officially over. We have just returned from a three week high altitude camp in the posh Deer Valley, Utah. Our team did not win the lottery but we were fortunate enough to become members of the Poduim 2002 Club which is a government...[... [
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