Perspective Archive - October, 2003

Timo Puiras Tuesday, October 28 Update: Chips from a Training Log - No. 4 - By: Timo Puiras
The last time I wrote one of these it was spring. I was in Finland and had promised that I would write another article before long. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control... [
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Haywood Securities Monday, October 27 Haywood National Team Report: Stuck in the Mud? - By: Sara Renner
The International Olympic Committee lurches forward like a truck with transmission troubles, with no one willing to get their hands dirty to fix thessarsar problem. The Olympic ideals of fair play and clean... [
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Erik Carleton skiin on the Haig glacier Sunday, October 26 Update: Falling Into the Fall - By: Erik Carleton
Fall is my favourite season. I am sure you are asking: “What about winter?” After all, a skier should prefer winter, if only because it is the snowiest. Winter, too, is a great season and it goes... [
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Saturday, October 25 Watching the World Road Cycling Championships - By: Magi Scallion
There may not be many benefits to being located in Southern Ontario – no early snow, too much traffic, lots of smog… the list goes on. However, there was one major bonus this October... [
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x-ccom.gif Friday, October 24 Update: My Shot at becoming a Biathlete - By: Carl Skinstad
It was Friday October 10 and I was looking for a challenge. I have participated in “Meet and skis,” with, but while the jackrabbit skiers are waiting for the snow and not active with organized training... [
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Season of David Wednesday, October 22 Season of David XXVI - Battered and Bruised - By: David Zylberberg
I like to watch professional football and I remember hearing it said that no player goes through the season without some niggling injuries. In skiing the problem is less severe but still seemed like a good topic for this week... [
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Haywood Securities Tuesday, October 21 Haywood NST Report - The Road to Recovery - By: Chris Jeffries
Approaching race season is always a nerve-racking time of year. I have always thought that the first few races of the year are the hardest to prepare for. You’re always nervous... [
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Haywood Securities Wednesday, October 15 Haywood National Team Report – Athletes Get Their Day in Court - By: Beckie Scott
It was in July of this past summer that I learned I would be able to participate in the hearings that were going before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) regarding the doping cases of the 2002 games... [
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ntdc_tbay.gif Tuesday, October 14 Training in Finland - By: Jeff Seguin
This past July I had the opportunity to head north to Finland for a three week training camp. I can honestly say it was the most incredible experience of my skiing career. Having the... [
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XC Ottawa Logo - Main Page Tuesday, October 14 Season of David Part XXV- Training With Others - By: David Zylberberg
On Saturday, the members of the NADC participated in an uphill running time trial in Ottawa. Since I was not around and Sudbury has no hills that take... [
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x-ccom.gif Friday, October 10 Update: The Crusty Old Guy lives up to his name, literally - By: Werner Schwar
Hello everyone.  Hopefully everyone is having a good summer. The older I get the faster time flies by.  I must apologize to all the crusty old guy fans out there, if there are any, for taking... [
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XC Ottawa Logo - Main Page Tuesday, October 7 Season of David Part XXIV- Some thoughts on Coaching - By: David Zylberberg
This week I thought I should discuss the nature of coaching and share some personal experiences. There is a lot that coaches can do to help people... [
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Haywood Securities Monday, October 6 Haywood National Team Report: Some Do It This Way - By: George Grey
Every year has been a new learning experience for me, but none more important than the previous season. During the season of 2002/03 I made my debut on the World Cup circuit... [
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x-ccom.gif Saturday, October 4 Update: Variety of Training - By: Erik Carleton
I am excited about being a new member of the Racing Team. My years on the Development Team were extremely valuable, however I see my current situation as a great opportunity. With more autonomy... [
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x-ccom.gif Thursday, October 2 Update: Big Sky Country! - By: Shayla Swanson
Hello from Bozeman Montana!! There is so much to say, but I doubt very much if any one would be interested in reading an essay. So, I thought I would give y'all (just kidding) a brief update... [
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