Perspective Archive - February, 2003

Phil Villeneuve, looking wet after the 30km skate in Rossland, BC, 2002 Wednesday, February 26 Phil's XC Journal: Ping-Pong Fever! - By: Phil Villeneuve
Ever played ping-pong using your body as the ball and the country as your table?† Iíve been playing for the past 6 months and Iíve finally taken control of this gameÖbut not without... [
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Rhonda Sandau2 Monday, February 24 Update: Welcome to Canada Games! - By: Rhonda Sandau
Our entrance to the Moncton airport may be as close as I will come to a celebrity welcome. Fifteen Alberta athletes were... [
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Sunday, February 23 Update: The Crusty Old Guy Pretends to be a Racer Again - By: Werner Schwar
Hello everyone. Here it is February already and finally we have good snow in Thunder Bay. Bit slow and squeaky... [
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Wednesday, February 19 Gord's Ski Newsletter Vol.5, No.6: Breakin' The Ice - By: Gord Jewett
Things started with a bang today in my first World Championship race, the 30km mass start classic. The bang of the starter's pistol, and the bang as I broadsided... [
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Friday, February 14 Gord's Ski Newsletter Vol.5, No.5: Asiago Sprint Relay - By: Gord Jewett
The world's fastest skiers are definitely fast, but they are by no means beyond our reach. That was the lesson for my team mate and me in today's 2-man World... [
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Shayla in one of her many sewing projects. Wednesday, February 12 Z-Tour Update: Back By Popular Demand - By: Shayla Swanson
Things are going well on the Z tour and Edmonton proved to be an excellent experience. The Birkebeiner has been kind enough to take care of our food and housing costs... [
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Saturday, February 8 Gord's Ski Newsletter Vol.5, No.4: Finally Racing - By: Gord Jewett
The enthusiasm that I conveyed in my past two newsletters has not diminished an ounce in the past week since we arrived in Pontresina, Switzerland... [
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Shayla Swanson Boarder Monday, February 3 Z-Tour Update From Kananaskis - By: Shayla Swanson
Hello everyone!! This is Jacqui Benson, Shayla Swanson and Rhonda Sandau saying hello from the z-tour. Itís too bad our plane got confused in the air... [
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Gordon Jewett Headshot Saturday, February 1 Gord's Ski Newsletter Vol.5, No.3: Endless Trails - By: Gord Jewett
Training locations don't get much better than the nordic paradise of Pontressina, Switzerland. The trail network is seemingly endless and it is unlikely that we... [
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