Perspective Archive - August, 2002

Sara Renner in an interview before the 2002 Olympics Saturday, August 31 Attitude at Altitude - By: Sara Renner
September is the only month that we spend off snow. It will also be our first month where we will start to focus on altitude ... [
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Sara Peters laps through at the Australian Champs 10k classic, 2002 Thursday, August 29 Aussie Report: Australian Championships - By: Sarah Peters
During my warm down ski with Chris Darlington - who represented Australia at World Juniors - we were stopped in our tracks by an echidna!! An echidna is the marsupial version of a porcupine... [
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Devon Kershaw on the Haig Glacier, August 2002 Tuesday, August 27 NSDT Glacier Photo Journal
Photos from the recent NSDT training camp at the Haig Glacier... [
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Adam Kates Headshot Monday, August 26 NSDT Update: The Life of a Full Time Student Athlete - By: Adam Kates
If you have ever classified yourself as a “full time athlete” or a “24 hour athlete” then you know that, while life is often a lot of fun, it is also one of the most demanding existences there is. One’s entire day, one’s entire life, revolves around doing what is needed to ensure... [
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Sarah Peters Headshot Wednesday, August 21 Aussie Report: The Racing Begins - By: Sarah Peters
I have just started my second week on the Aussie snow. I have been in Australia a tad longer as I spent a two very, very full days in Sydney with my Sydneysider friends... [
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Sara Renner at the 2002 Olympics, Classic Race Friday, August 16 Skiing Kiwi Style - By: Sara Renner
New Zealand is crazy about rugby, net ball and cricket. At this weeks National Cross Country Championships the local female athletes, or should I say athlete, was noticeably outnumbered by foreign racers... [
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Sarah Peters Headshot Tuesday, August 13 Learning the Ropes of Australian Skiing - By: Sarah Peters
I woke up again this morning wondering if I had only dreamed that I am in Australia. After a visual check of my surroundings and peak out the window, I confirmed that it was... [
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Phil Villeneuve Road Rash Small Wednesday, August 7 Phil's XC Journal: The Road Rash Files - By: Phil Villeneuve’s about time! I know, I know, for someone who says he’ll provide regular updates I sure haven’t lived up to my words. Training and team business have kept me from bugging... [
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Charles Nadeau in Sunny Val di Fiemme Tuesday, August 6 The Thin Red Line - By: Charles Nadeau
Following Salt Lake City winter Olympic games, one word remains in the mind of cross-country skiers all over the world: doping. However, cheating is not a recent issue for elite athletes who are desperate... [
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Sara Renner Headshot Friday, August 2 Wanna go to Wanaka? - By: Sara Renner
Hot nights, dips in the Bow River and sweaty rollerskis are over. Us lucky rats are at a winter training camp in the hills above Wanaka on the South Island of New Zealand... [
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