Perspective Archive - July, 2002

XC Ottawa Update Tuesday, July 30 XC Ottawa: Some Thoughts On Pacing - By: David Zylberberg
I recently competed in a local 5km Running Race in which I have competed for the last 3 summers. I attempted to run with the two leaders and after 2km I was unable to hold their pace, finishing... [
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Saturday, July 27 Letter to the Globe and Mail from XC Ottawa - By: Tom McCarthy
One item on the front page of the Saturday Globe really caught my eye and stuck in my throat. The article describing the huge expenditures of money by our government representatives at the Salt Lake Olympics... [
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Shayla Swanson in Craft Top Friday, July 26 NTDC Update: Glacial Reflections - By: Shayla Swanson
One glacier camp done…one to go, not that I am counting down. The Haig camp is a fantastic training experience. The trip is always a highlight of my summer plans. By the end of this summer I will have made 11 trips... [
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chandracrawford_head.jpg Wednesday, July 24 Just Another Busy Day at the Office - By: Chandra Crawford
In my current profession as a full time athlete, life is very busy. Training sessions are my assignments, sleeping is my ongoing project, and joining my team for healthy meals are my meetings. My office is the pavement... [
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Sara Renner in an interview before the 2002 Olympics Saturday, July 20 Is the Canadian Olympic Commitee on track for gold in 2010? - By: Sara Renner
The Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) announced it is abandoning the strategy of equitably spreading of it’s sponsorship bounty. The COC is the largest private sector funder of high performance sport in Canada and funds 45 Olympic sports of which 29% are winter sports. In the future, sports and athletes that win medals will have a bigger piece of the pie ... [
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Chris Jeffries in the 10km skate race at the 2002 Swisscom race in Realp, Switzerland Thursday, July 18 For the Love of Sport - By: Chris Jeffries
I was reminded of something very important this morning by one of my team mates. Today was day 2 of our 10 day glacier camp, and halfway up the hike from base camp to the glacier, I remarked to Dan Roycroft in a tired tone: “only 8 more times up this mountain.” ... [
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Erik Carleton skiin on the Haig glacier Monday, July 8 NSDT Update: Back on Snow - By: Erik Carleton
Although June was the first month this year most athletes in Canmore have not been on snow, the NSDT Canmore will be skiing in both July and August, thanks to the CODA Haig Glacier Camp. This remote piece... [
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Sara Renner in an interview before the 2002 Olympics Friday, July 5 The New Kids on the Block - By: Sara Renner
Athletes are migrating to Canmore, and I’m not just talking Nordic. The hills are alive with.... well, the sound of grunting and panting. The squat racks in the weight room are getting serious usage as the heavy... [
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