Perspective Archive - July, 2001

Tuesday, July 31 NSDT Update: Big Volume Week - By: Erik Carleton
The National Senior Development Team is in Rossland, BC for a two-week training camp. The focus for this period is high volume. In this type of training period we need to pay extra attention to certain aspects of our lifestyle. Without proper training intensity, recovery and nutrition, we would slowly get too tired to continue training... [
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Monday, July 30 Phil's XC Journal #3 - By: Phil Villeneuve
Hi Everyone, This week I watched an old classic James Bond movie: "Never say never again". It got me thinking on how many times I had said that before. Why is it that no matter how difficult or horrible something was, we often end up doing that action again? This spring I did something I said I would never do again!... [
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Wednesday, July 25 High Altitude at the Haig - By: Sara Renner
Our second camp of the year brought our team to the Haig glacier in Kananaskis country. It was the first time that the entire training squad was comprised solely of women. We took advantage of this historic moment and migrated to the big side of the sleeping hut, which was usually reserved for the boys... [
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Saturday, July 21 NSDT Athlete Update - By: Mike Argue
Hi all, I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and not missing the snow too much. As it is nearing the end of July, the athletes here at the training centre are starting to take on some rather big hours and incorporating some intensity into the plan. This said, I am excited to be... [
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Thursday, July 19 NSDT Athlete Update - By: Tara Whitten
Another year is underway here in Canmore, with new goals and new challenges, and some new faces too. This year we gained four new people (to our Canmore Training Centre Team); Tasha (Betcherman), Dan (Roycroft) and Chris (Jeffries) moved here from... [
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Tuesday, July 10 Phil's XC Journal #2 - By: Phil Villeneuve
Yesterday I swallowed a bug. This doesn't usually happen on a regular basis (this is definitely a good thing), but by spending the better part of my summers running or rollerskiing, the odds are that one of these days, a furry little winged critter is bound to fly straight into my mouth. Aside... [
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