Information Archive - December, 2001

Wednesday, December 19 Podium 2010: Stategies Priority 5
To date the Podium 2010 strategies have generated considerable activity and interest in club and divisional programs. The initiatives have been circulated among pertinent athlete development committees, been the subject of planning workshops and have been posted on club and divisional websites. We hope that you will use this information to assist with... [
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Tuesday, December 18 Mt. Washington, BC Update
We've got lots of snow here at Mt Washington on Vancouver Island. Our base is now 196 cm with 41 cm in the last 48 hours which made it a snowy weekend forcing us to postpone our first club sprint race of the year from Saturday to Sunday. Phil Parkes organized a great race on a technical... [
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Monday, December 17 Snowmaking: A Matter of Survival - By: Stephane Barrette
As we are all still frustrated and numbed from the December Continental cups fiasco, the debate rages about how to avoid this unpleasant and unproductive situation in the future. Even though it's commonly accepted in our sport that Mother Nature has the last say and that's just... [
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Saturday, December 15 Podium 2010: Strategies Priority 3
PRIORITY #3: Increase the number of full-time paid, club coaches. End Result: All clubs have the information needed to begin the process of hiring a full-time coach and will have been told the benefits of doing so... [
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Saturday, December 15 Podium 2010: Strategies Priority 4
PRIORITY #4: Improve the quality of coaching for children ages 6-14. End Result: Increase #ís of Competitive Skiers... [
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Wednesday, December 12 Podium 2010: Strategies Priority 2
PRIORITY #2: Increase the quality and number of athlete incentives (trips, recognition, finances). End Result: Retain X% of athletes after 3-4 years. "Get involved, stay involved"...[... [
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Tuesday, December 11 Podium 2010: Strategy Priority 1
This October CCC held 2 athlete development planning workshops, one near Ottawa and one in Edmonton, in order to identify the highest priorities for athlete development system improvement, to win medals in the 2010 Olympics and beyond. Over 60 people attended the 2 workshops, from 25 of the strongest racing clubs in the country, the 3 training centres, the National team and various provincial/territorial and national administrative committees. The professionally facilitated sessions included.... [
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Saturday, December 8 FIS Tightens Rules On Classic Deviation
The chairman of the FIS Subcommitte for Rule and Control (ICR) has recently announced their intention to crack down on deviation in classical technique. The announcment comes after what the FIS Cross Country Committe claims is a scandalous misuse of the classic... [
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Thursday, December 6 NSCC Coaches Meetings #2
The NCI (National Coaching Institute)/NSCC (National Sport Centre Calgary) is cordinating an ongoing dialogue on high perfomance coaching for the purpose of sharing ideas and experience on developing world class training systems and athlete podium performances. The following is a list of points discussed at the last meeting.... [
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Monday, December 3 Thunder Bay Continental Cup Cancelled
Presently their are fair skiing conditions in Thunder Bay at Lappe, with insufficient snow depth at this time to prepare an appropriate classic track. The race organizers have offered the possible backup sites the option to take over the event but both sites have declined given... [
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