Information Archive - November, 2001

Saturday, November 17 Beckie Scott Chat Transcript
Thanks to Trail Sports in Canmore, Alberta for bringing the world the Beckie Scott chat! View the chat transcript... [
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Wednesday, November 14 Per Elofsson's Training Hours
Per Elofsson, the leading Swedish cross-country skier, has definitely build his base slowly. Below are the hours the still young Swede has trained per year since he was 17... [
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Tuesday, November 13 Blood and Urine Tests to be used in 2002 Olympics
The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) will try to find a simpler and more effective system to the EPO testing employed by the International Olympic Committee. The IOC has confirmed that it will stick with a combined blood and urine test for the banned endurance-boosting hormone at the Salt Lake City Winter Games... [
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Tuesday, November 13 FIS Change Their Tune on the Ski Duathlon... Again
Estonia’s Tiit Pekk has been elected Chairman of the FIS Sub-Committee for Continental and World Cup Races for cross-country. Estonia has fostered several great racers of late, Veerpalu won the 30k for men in Lahti and the Smigun sisters are strong in the women’s class... [
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Tuesday, November 13 A New Addition to the Racing Team
The Racing Team is pleased to announce the addition of Werner Schwar to the 2001/02 Racing Team. Werner is one of the toughest competitors in the country with too many hours under his belt to even try keeping track. His perseverance and passion for the sport of XC skiing make him the ideal representative... [
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Tuesday, November 13 Even More from the FIS on Ski Duathlon
There has been seemingly endless discussions on the concept of ski duathlon, here is a final update: Vegard Ulvang, Norwegian member of the Cross Country World Cup Committee, says that the concept of ski duathlon races will be tested throughout the season in several continental cup races... [
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Monday, November 12 Suggestions For Ski Duathlon
Paal Gunnar Mikkelsplass, Norway's cross country head coach, says Norway has made some suggestions to the ski duathlon concept that will be tried out in the 2001/2002 season in continental cup races and likely in Falun... [
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Friday, November 9 Canadian Doping Regulations Advisory
The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) is pleased to make this advanced announcement of revisions to the Canadian Doping Control Regulations. The revised Regulations will come into effect January 1, 2002...... [
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Friday, November 9 Mass Starts: An Essential Athlete Development Tool - By: Stephane Barrette
Mass starts are making a come back. After failing the test back in the 1987 WC season (Castelrotto, where Pierre Harvey finished third), the FIS tried it again at last year's WC in Salt Lake City. The reason for that come-back is simple: selling the sport by enhancing it's image and... [
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